Aaaaaaaw mush.

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Aaaaaaaw mush.

Dino just left for work (out of town). The phone rang... it was him calling from the parking lot. He'd just realized "we made it" for over two weeks with no blow ups and no catastrophes and he wanted to thank me.

Now how's a girl supposed to get any work done with her eyes all fogged up like this?
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Aaaaaaaw - That is so sweet, Smoke. Just wipe those eyes, put your feet up and wallow in the moment. I love that Dino.
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Oh my Smoke - what a wonderful thing for him to say!

Psst...It's ok to miss him while he's gone...
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I just love him too, and ya know how we
feel about you

Love and hugs,
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Awww Smoke!!! That is so touching!! I am so happy for you two!!
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Well, my my my. Ole Dina just got 10 points I do believe.....
Good for you and him, Smokes. Just glory in the moment... !!!
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Too cool. Sniff, sniff.

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Hi Smoke,

I just LOVE to hear about HAPPY, LOVIE, DOVIE stuff!!!!
It is so nice when the ROMEO comes out.

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I used to work here ;)
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I really like that Dino

Glad things are going so well for the both of you Smokie.

Many hugs.
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(Passing the tissue)

Things like this make the romantic in me light up. Tell Captain Romance that he made me swoon. Love is ever so much better than heartache.
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Love ya! (Gotta love that Dino, too!)
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Did someone say "I just love it when the romance comes out?"

Hmmmm, I remember a time Mr. Hangin' made quite an impression on me with a comment. I think I was whining, in a joking way, about him not telling me he loved me, actually saying it much, anymore. To which he replied, jokingly (I tell myself it WAS jokingly...smiles):

"Hey, I told you I loved you when I married you. If I change my mind, I'll let you know."

Uh, Oh Dino.......let me give you Mr. Hangin's cell phone. I think you might could teach him a thing or
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