In need of help

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In need of help

Hi, my name is Peg not a user but the love of my life is. At my witts ends he has been to detox nothing works. Today is his fourth day without food, just drinks......and vomiting. I don't understand and don't know what is going on with him health wise. He has lost a lot of wt in the last three weeks. Is there anything I can do or any kind of information anyone can give me to what is going on with him. Don't even know if this is the place for this?
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Wings, I started your own thread here, hope you don't mind. People here understand and have been where you are and will want to welcome you too.

Welcome to SoberRecovery.

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Sounds like he's pretty sick. You can't do anything for him. Did you suggest taking him to the emergency room? If you can't get him to go, did you consider calling 911? What's the worst that can happen? He'll be mad but you'll have gotten him some medical help.

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Welcome, peg, glad you're here

Start by reading the Stickys at the top of the forum. An excellent book is "Under the Influence." I also learned a lot just by talking to my family doctor. It isn't really possible to say what is wrong from him. One thing could be pancreatitis. Weight loss and not eating are signs of that.

Have you considered Al-Anon for you?

Keep posting!
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If I was in your shoes this very minute I would be taking Jenny's advice. He seems to be in need of medical attention. So what if he is mad. Maybe he deserves to be the angry one for once. And while he is getting his physical self taken care of I would follow Denny's advice and go to a meeting to take care of my emotional self. GL and KUP.
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Been there done that. It ain't fun, let me tell you.

Sounds like his disease has progressed at least to late-middle stage, may even late stage. He's probably drinking just to keep the withdraw away by now. Like I said, it's a living hell, it's no way to live. Heck, it ain't living, it's exsisting. Breathing, drinking, and eliminating waste.....

Sadly, there's nothing you can do for him until he takes the action and steps towards recovery. This usually only happens when the pain is to great to endure any longer. (Emotional, spiritual and/or physical pain)

But yeah, read up on the disease. "Under" is a great read. And al-anon is also a great suggestion.
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My AW would experience the same thing. The only thing that would stop the vomiting is medical care. They sedate the patient and provide fluids and monitor BP and heart rate. Alcohol withdrawl is as bad or worse than any drug including heroin. An emergency room doctor will know what to do as long as you or your AH tells them it is alcohol withdrawl. Good luck......
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When my AH lost all the weight and wouldn't eat or sleep I did nothing, I let him take care of him. He wasn't living with me at the time. But when I stoped taking care of him he went down hill fast, the funny part it didn't take to long for him to figure out what to do. If your A gets really bad call 911, let them take care of him, he can refuse treatment if he wants but you will know that you have done all you could. Good luck and welcome
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Welcome Wings! It is so hard to see them going lower and lower to that point. I agree with everybody that he might need medical care. If he won't go, do call 911 if you think it gets that bad. Hang in there and do the best you can to take care of you.
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