I have to share some great news

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I have to share some great news

I think I mentioned elsewhere that I am scheduled to be laid off on 8/10. Well, today I got a new job! A great opporunity with a great company. I start next week.

I just had to share this piece of good news with all my friends in here. You all help me thru the hard times; its good to share the good times also.
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GOOD FOR YOU!!!! That's awsome Congrats Barb!
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Awesome news!!
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Excellent!! Yet another affirmation that there is some kind of flow to life and when one door closes, another is there to be opened.
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Fantastic news Barbara!!!!!!!

M x
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i'm so happy for you!!
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Thanks to all of you.

I'm looking at this as another way God is showing me that I made the right choices and that He wants a good life for me.
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love it when folks land on both feet! great news! k
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Good for you ! I bet a week ago you never thought you would have another job by now !! Thats awesome !
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Congratulations Barbara! That is wonderful news.
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I'm so happy for you, Barbara!!
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trying to get it..
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good for you thats something you don't have to worry about...a relief to be sure!!!
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