Old aquaintence be forgot

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Old aquaintence be forgot

Hello All

Im pleased to say still no contact with xab, thanks to my ever supportive dauughter and all you strong people of SR. This lunch time i went to the shops and saw someone i hadnt seen in a long long time I'll call him Chris, Chris was a gorgeous, clever, successful man a beautiful wife and fantastic home, the envy of this little welsh town. Oh my Lord at first i thought he had cancer or something terrible like that he looked like death, he could hardly walk and was painfully thin, it was awful shock.

He recognised me and i smiled and approached him, as i got closer to give him a peck on the cheek i could smell the alcohol. i just froze i couldnt talk or move i stood in front of him and cried. (i feel so ashamed)

I can still see his face in my mind and it's really affected me. Sorry if im ranting folks but the truth is i could see my xab face in this frail dying body of Chris and it hurt so much, and i dont want him to look like that, and the small minded people of this town would turn their noses at him like they did with Chris today. Im very protective of my xab because i know who he WAS.

It's 11.15pm now i wont sleep much tonight. Thanks for listening my friends x

M x
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((()))s ...
Key word .. WAS .. you know who he WAS .
I know exactly what you mean , I am still protective of ah even though we are
seperated . I heard that a neighbor called him 'white trash' and I wanted to
defend him so badly . Hes not a bad person at all , or at least he didnt USED to be .
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We're all here for you.....(((((Mair)))))
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People shake their heads at me when I tell them I feel awful for my XAH. They think I should hate him after all he has done to the family. But I remember who he was, and it hurts to see him fade away. Detaching doesn't mean losing compassion. You're a treasure, Mair.
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