Unbelievable ex!

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Unbelievable ex!

I went to our house to have furniture picked up/donated (something HE was supposed to do) and found that the a$$hole took my couches!!! After movinghis couches once, he brought them back and swapped them for MY COUCHES!! But yet he doesn't have the werewithal to arrange the furniture pick up!!!

This does not include the joint desk/bookshelf, bathroom accessories he helped himself to or the fact that I put in 25,000 into the house and he put in $5000, or that I paid for 75% of our lavish vacations, OR that I would bring him lunch, give him massages when he was on call but got nothing when it was my turn!!

I sometimes think he is just drunk/high (addicted) all the time and can't keep it together, now I think he can keep it together when it suits him and he is basically just an unbelievably selfish *****!!!
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AAUUGGHH .. It can really drive you crazy if you let it .. so hard to understand how someone can be so out of touch with reality but it never siezes to amaze me !
They just dont get it and never will no matter how much you try to talk sense into them .. thats when you have to breath deep and walk away !

Good luck with that !
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Originally Posted by gns View Post
now I think he can keep it together when it suits him and he is basically just an unbelievably selfish *****!!!
I remember coming to that conclusion, too. It isn't ALWAYS the alcohol.

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I don't have anything to add to your post but I haven't had the chance to say hello and welcome you to SR. It's such a good place to come and share, I'm so happy that you have joined us!
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