Giving HP power to do it His way.

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Giving HP power to do it His way.

Well got a picture of the "possible" daughter, oh my, I will be surprised if she is NOT his, features strikingly similar.

Got an email from the mother and she says she talked to daughter and daughter told her she had suspected for a long time that he may be her bio father (I guess Mom must have shared her affair details with daughter????) but that she didn't really care to meet him.

I feel so sorry for hubby, he is devestated, but understands and is handling it well. Says he has been praying for her for 27 years and will keep doing so and maybe someday she will change her mind (after all she just lost her Dad less than a year ago and she is about to lose her Mom). I would say she has a lot more to worry about than my husband, but in a few years she may feel different.

If nothing else, I do believe the photo confirmed in his mind that she is his daughter (some in hubby's family have a unique eye color and so does she and well, she looks just like hubby). He is willing to give her time and that is good as I believe things like that take time to soak in so to speak and if it is meant to be his HP will allow it to happen when he knows the time is right and hubby agrees with that.

The thing I find almost funny is the mother and I and hubby have been exchanging emails and I now find myself remembering her in my prayers nightly as she is very, very ill. Who would have ever thought I would be praying for a woman my husband once loved must be healing!!

Thanks for listening.
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that's cool harleygirl
Sometimes the best thing or the only thing we can do is trun it over.
Healing is good....
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I was just thinking and wondering if you found that picture....odd how someone thinks something, and another posts a reply before asking on here......and I'm the one not believing in I've got to re-think that.

If it's any indication on how mature the mother is behaving towards her ex (and you), then that's probably a good sign that she raised the daughter's probably too new to her....finding a "new dad" after she lost one could seem like betrayal. Give it time.
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you are handling this with so much grace and class.....yes, i would say you are healing, harleygirl.

someday, this long lost daughter of your husbands may become very close to you and offer you gifts of love you never imagined.

time. lots of time. when she is ready, and if she knows you all are receptive, she may come to you, at least just for a meeting.

my prayers to you all
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This is the person who you were meant to be, the person you can be. You never know what an intrument you are in the big plan. You realize that without all your yesterdays, you wouldn't be who you are today. Interesting that you may be the only one praying for this woman.
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