Lots of new faces....

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Lots of new faces....

'Tis the season I guess.....I'd like to say hello to all of the new people...and which one of you are Britany Spears? Or Lindsay Lohan?

Guess I'm tired of media making it seem like it's some great vacation to go to rehab. They don't cover what all is involved with this, only what the celebrities are doing.....kind of ruining it for the rest of us. Maybe I'll shave my head......and be on TV...... (lol)
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yes arent they wonderful role models for little girls???
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I don't think people think it's a vacation - I think these days it's percieved as an excuse ... like a Senator Foley goes to rehab and blames his attraction to teenage boys on alcoholism.
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Hey gang, interesting convo here. Dya think it would be ok if I moved this thread over to the cafe? Don't want to derail you guys but politics, celebrities and media discussions really belong in the cafe.


p.s. We have had some celebrities come by here from time to time, so next time you mention one by name be aware that they just might really be reading here.
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party pooper!!!
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