for grace and her dogs

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for grace and her dogs

this is not the first time you have been concerned about the dogs---call a local shelter and ask for info on a foster home for the dogs.The stats are high for abuse of pets-and there are many horrible stories I have heard .He will take out on the dog what he can't take out on you--especially if he knows how concerned you are about them. The dogs cannot protect themselves from his A.
Go and get them when he is not there and leave a door or something open so he thinks they got out---don't tell him you have a knowledge--no way he can find out.
The foster mom will keep the dogs until you want them back or they can find a new home for them.Remember this is not a shelter but a foster home--I belong to one myself....
I know you have a lot on your plate now--but it needs to be done asap...
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If the dogs belong to her alcoholic partner, and not Grace, she could be charged with theft if she removes them from his home without his permission. I volunteer for a local rescue group. When we notice dogs in our area being neglected or abused, we first ask the owner if they'd be willing to give up their dogs (oftentimes they do so quite readily). If that doesn't work, then we offer to purchase them for a nominal amount (one man traded his dogs for a six-pack of beer). Once they agree to relinquish them to us, we ask them to sign a release so there's no risk that the owner will change their mind and claim we took the dogs without their permission at a later date.

If the dogs belong to Grace, then she'd need proof of ownership. Like a cancelled check when she purchased the dogs from a breeder, or adoption papers if she adopted them from a shelter.
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a six pack of beer???that is soo sad!
Sorry but I would just take them without his knowledge--how will he ever know where they are or what has happened to them? He is an A--he probably wouldn't even notice for a while--and do you think he would take the time to look for them--I doubt it.
Probably niether has papers for who bought them--if by some miracle he found out--which I don't see how he could--she can just say she believes he was abusing the dogs.
I just like it my way because she will not have to deal with him directly....
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Thank you for caring enough to start this thread, Sunflower!
I would love nothing more than to get those dogs out of there, but
they are his...unfortunately! He has the mother and father, and I kept one of their puppies.

He has changed the locks on the house, and insisted that I make an appointment with him to get the rest of my stuff out. All I can do at this point is hope and pray that the dogs are safe.

Someone who deals with abusers said that he may be less apt to abuse them if he thinks that I'm not concerned about them. I don't let on to him that I'm worried about the dogs. They are something that he owns; something that he controls, and believe me, he is a control freak. I think he abused them when he couldn't abuse me. I feel that he did it to intimidate me. At least that's what I'm hoping for. Maybe....just maybe....he is treating them better now that I'm gone. That's what I'm hoping for.

Thank you for caring, Sunflower!
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grace if you feel unsure--at any time about the safety of these dogs just call the local spca in your area-you don't have to leave a name--and they will check on them and his situation--You wouldn't believe how dedicated these people are to animal---they will act on it---sometimes I think they respond more to animal than the police do to us!!!!
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