And I Thought I Handling This.

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And I Thought I Handling This.

I feel, well stupid. There I was putting in a post over a week ago telling everyone how strong I was.
To cut it short, my 'a' sister had been kicked out of rehab once again and ended up at another alcoholics house and binged drank for 5 days. His mate came over and decided it wasnt a good place for her to be, so she ends up at my place 11pm last Sunday night. She is still with me now. What was I suppose to do, turn her away?? Maybe. but she was drunk and looked well, you know. I was afraid for her, so she has been with me a week. Going home tonight and I am expecting the worse again.
I had to leave her at my place everyday while we all went to work. So crazy, she has her own place but her kids dont want her back there. They are moving out today and I am extremely worried of her going back home on her own.
We have arranged some support for her and courses, but Im anxious.
I guess I'll have to be stronger next time.
Love to All
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I'm so sorry, Justjo! This ride is a day by day, moment by moment journey!

I'll be praying for you!
, Cheryl
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HANG IN THERE! consequences are due...and they are what will make the desire to get sober appear.
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sorry to hear about your situation, justso. i understand how difficult it is. blessings, k
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(((Justjo))) You did what I would have done......remember, one step at a time, just live in the moment......

Much love to you.
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you did what you thought was right . i would have probably done the same thing .. oh wait a minute , i have !! i hope that she is able to recover .
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Yep, you need to turn away. Stop trying to save her, in fact your doing more harm then good.
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sounds like you are doing the best you can with a bad situation(((hugs))))
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Thanks guys. Yes, it has been a trying week. Talk, talk, till I am blue in the face. She did however, book and pay for some courses on her own. I am trying to push her in the right direction, you know have something to do in the morning! I took her home last night and brought her son back to my place for the weekend. It is a merry go round. Her 18 year old daughter is giving her one more go. Her son does not want to be near her. Doesnt trust her.
I know I have to let her do this herself, but gee it does suck you right in sometimes...a week later, she's all prettied up and you wouldnt even know she had this problem...Fools you hey
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FWIW, I doubted my sister could get sober,living alone and denying the problem, but she wouldn't go back to treatment and I had enough of my own problems to deal with (as did the rest of out family) so I said "good luck" and if you want a ride to treatment call me. She started having hallucinations (not sure if it was detox or what but neighbors called the family), she lost her job and ended up going to an outpatient program ( I DID drive her to the assessment for that) and she has now been sober almost two years!

Gives me hope some days my xAH might find his way,too....

Easier to say than do but when they get desperate enough(and no one jumps right in to "help") sometimes recovery doesn't look like such a bad option to them.

Best of luck to you both!
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Originally Posted by justjo View Post
I What was I suppose to do, turn her away??
You did what felt right for you and that is OK.
We can all say what we would do in any given situation, but when it actually happens we often find out we can't do what we said we would do because we have to look at ourselves in the mirror the next morning.

While your life is dealing with this turmoil, remember to take care of you, take some time each day just for you.
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