She's home...

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She's home...

Sorry I've sort of been a way. You've all been in my thoughts and prayers, but while she was in rehab, I needed a complete break, you know? A few days where I didn't have to think about the disease at all. I will catch up on posts later in the day.

So far, so good. She is going to take part in a three day outpatient intensive program for five weeks. She is going to join AA. She appreciates my intervention and wants to be sober. Now we will see how great a hold the beast has over her. For now, it is so wonderful to have my real friend back. I am living for and enjoying today...just for today.

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Thats good news Roni
yeap, peace and sleep is good.

The HALTs. Cuz we were hungry,angery, lonely and tired most of the
time during the madness of it all.
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I am so glad she is home and praying she will make it through the difficult days ahead---for both of you....only advise I can give--from my own personal experience is to just sit back and watch it happen now.My AS was simular and so far 1/2 year has passes and he is sober and doing well--it can happen don't lose faith--just keep in mind it's her choice.My AS was also happy I never shut the door on him or gave up--he says it made a difference to know he had me to support him (NOT ENABLE)----
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