Codie perception vs. reality

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Codie perception vs. reality

So I had a phone interview. I had talked to HR and then I had an appointment to talk to the hiring manager by phone. My perception of the conversation was that I groped to answer his questions and did a passable job at best. I also thought he was cranky. I felt kind of bad because I felt I sabatoged myself again. During the conversation I started to pace so much I actually made myself out-of-breath and had to ask him to hold on for a second. I turned from the phone and took about five deep breaths to steady myself and then came back to him.

I just talked to the HR guy. He said hiring manager said we had a great conversation and I'm invited for a face-to-face next week. They're excited about me. He gave me some good tips about how to win the job. He's obviously rooting for me.

What the hell is my problem? lol I know, I know - I live in codieville. Maybe if I get the job I'll get some therapy cause I'm obviously slightly mad
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Silly your not Mad.

Even normies get nervious at an interview... face to face or on the phone.

Sounds like you did just fine. I might be a professional interviewer I have been on so many. The worst was the panel interview with 5 stock brokers....ewwww ... thank God for Degree!!!
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It is perfectly normal to be nervous at or on any type of interview.
It sounds like you did great. Hope you get the job!
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The problem is you don't see yourself as a butterfly yet. But I do!
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Hey WantsOut,
That's called "awfulizing". It's been discussed by drunks at many an AA meeting as we do it too. I remember a friend of mine pointing that out to me years ago (relationships are my area of "awfulizing"). He asked my why I always, always went directly to worst case scenerio. Still don't know the answer for that...but I do try to balance perspectives a lot more now than I used to. I'm no mind reader..but I sure think I am sometimes.
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He asked my why I always, always went directly to worst case scenerio.
Yup, Zero to homeless in 30 seconds !

I had the same thing happen recently. Didn't get a warm and fuzzy on the phone, but the hiring agency said they were very impressed.

It's usually all in my head.
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Just thoughts of not being good enough being triggered.
Having gone through chaos, madness, and a thousand reasons not to be
good enough in a codi/alki relationship. We still have residue or our
mind still have certain habits. And sometimes they get amplified.
The 4th step help me very much. It also allows me to process
my emotions and observe my reactions in a non-judgmental way.
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We just love to pick ourselves apart, don't we? Sound to me like you did great. I've had the same job for 13 years and couldn't even imagine interviewing......I have a lot of respect for you for following through. It had to have been very hard on the nerves.

Give yourself some credit did great!
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I'm no angel!
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Sounds like you did prepare yourself for the interview. Think about how you are going to present yourself. Body language is very important, mind focus is very important.

You must believe in yourself, before they can believe in you. Don't sell yourself short.

Good Luck,

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formerdoormats post says it all...
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