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my daughter after being on the run for 3mo has now turned herself in with the support of friend-wanted to thank all that sent me comments will practice all faith,i will repeat to my self all slogans,most helpfull yesterday was the three Cs have not heard that yet repeated it to my self all day along with God grant me the gave me the strength to deal with yesterday

one day on this site seems to have offered me something more than alanon has help with me so far?
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By saying the Serenity Prayer & using the slogans is the only way that I can get thru my rough days.

Keep coming back it works if you work it!
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Originally Posted by susankay View Post
one day on this site seems to have offered me something more than alanon has help with me so far?
That's great - support wherever you can get it!

Have you tried other meetings? The slogan's, the 3 C's, the serenity prayer, all of it, is Al-Anon. What I love about my face to face meetings is the fellowship it provides - I have made some great friends in Al-Anon.

Hope all goes well with your daughter.
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I appreciate the contact of a face to face meeting... the depth of realism and just the gentle touch of a hug.

Just keep open and searching, it will come for you hon.
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Susan..that's wonderful news! You and your daughter were in my prayers that day you posted. I made a point of it cuz I said I would. Something this recovering drunk is trying to do is keep her word...along with daily prayer.

That is sooooooooo awesome!
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I'm glad to hear that you're finding the help you need here at SR. It's a great place for recovery and I agree with the others that it would help to try some more meetings.
I attended meetings 4-5 nights a week at first and that made all the difference in the world for me. I had a weekly Alanon home group plus attended open NA and AA meetings.
You never have to be alone in this- we are here and so are others in the rooms of Alanon.
Keep coming back! (another slogan!)
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So glad for you--at least now you know she is safe---good luck
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