is profuse SWEATING a symptom?

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My daughter has diabetes, and she sweats more than anyone I know. If she forgets deodorant one day.....whoa! I would suggest a trip to the doctor to rule out anything medically wrong....and if he checks out fine, then blame it all on the alcohol

My AH doesn't seem to sweat alot....but he has never really quit drinking for any length of time, so not sure on the withdrawal effects. His side of the bed is always stained, but he works in a plant that has many different oils and chemicals that end up in his hair and on his skin. It could be from sweating at night though, but I just always thought it was from his work.
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it is what it is...
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Chero! You are a card today, my critters are looking at me like I'm nuts sitting here laughing my a** off at the computer!
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it is what it is...
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My A doesn't sweat excessively but I had started to notice it on his face when he "sleeps it off". His face gets puffy and swollen and sweaty. What a shame on such a handsome face. Other than when he is drinking though, he doesn't sweat that much, even in hot weather he remains normal at least. I notice the smell being worse when he is drinking. When we were young he never smelled bad or sweaty. Even his breath never got bad when drinking, now that we are older he stinks when he drinks. ( I ryhmed)
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Originally Posted by Over_It View Post
OMG - Chero, that is so funny! My AH does that too - always talks about how he's nauseous, has a headache, is so tired all the time and doesn't know why. DUUUUUHHHH!!!! I tell him it's probably a hangover and he just disagrees.... and then we do it all over again in a day or so.

Amazing how every symptom in the world is probably a result of the drinking!

Mine only did the sweating when he was going through withdrawals. I suspect he was only a breath away from advanced stages.

I'm still laughing about the ache in his eye...not that I want him to have an ache, but the part about "you'd better quit before it gets worse!"

My AW attributed many of her symptoms ncluding fatidue 24/7, yawning constantly... to having a "cold" for more than 1 year????? Some colds just stick with u forever..
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