to all the As that reply

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to all the As that reply

To all of the Alcoholics that reply to some of our posts--let me say a big--thank-you---It helps in maby ways for us friends and family member to understand more about what is going on with our loved ones....please keep it up!!!
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I agree and always appreciate views from the "other" side. It has helped me to be more compassionate about my AH's disease and his progress and failures in recovery.
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I appreciate these posts also !

And congrats to all for whatever day sober they are on!
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Absolutely!!! Me TOO!
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Practicing the lion's roar
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Same here!! :-)
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As a RA myself I would like to say that I am so thankful to hear your side. It has helped me so much to understand what my h is going through right now.
I don't know what I would do without you guys.
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i thank you, too- it can feel very lonely/desperate wanting to understand something you haven't experienced, and it means a lot to hear the other perspective.
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Alot of us A's are double winners...codies too. Even with the knowledge of my own disease, I can still go totally off my nut about my exAbf's behaviour etc...that's when my ego is holding court. I know better...but it still hurts. I can still give in to my inner petulant child wanting what I want right now. When it gets right down to relationship with my ex became simply a battle of "wills". It took 3000 miles between us for me to surrender to "goodbye".
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Me being a light weight A, (high bottom drunk) I too want to thank all the A's that come and reply.

Good thread frizzylynn, Thank you
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Another double winner here. Sober 2.5 years, codie my whole life LOL! Being engaged to a recovering A I have to man both sides of the fence!

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it is what it is...
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Thanks from me too!!!
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