Creepy update - LONG.

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Unhappy Creepy update - LONG.

Hi all. I wanted to post this so that others will be careful as well.

As you all know, my STBXAH was very obsessive and controlling while we were together. Until my birthday - he was doing ok at not harassing me.

My b-day came and my friends got messages telling them how much he'd changed... and then Valentines.. I posted all this.

Well. I am on myspace. I keep my profile private most of the time... but at one point in time I accepted some guy as a friend. This made it possible for him to see who my friends were and what I commented on their pages.

I hardly heard from him over the past 2 months... few questions here and there. The questions always sparked a little suspence though... they seemed questions that my X would ask.

Sat. night I had my first date. Starting about 8pm I started getting phone calls/texts from my X. I ignored them.... they quit about 2am. As I'm standing at the car saying good bye to my date-I get a text asking me to call him. (Coincidence??) The messages also told me that he left work (nights) b/c he didn't feel well. I half expected him to be in the drive way when I got home....

So... I left... didnt call X. Today I logged onto myspace. I had 4 emails from this person that has been my friend trying to frantically get a hold of me. He wanted to meet me. Wanted to know what I was doing.. Did I have a boyfriend..... etc. I had sent him my IM on ***** a long time ago and today - As I see my XAH log off of *****... I get a friend request from Scott immediately. Coincidence??

I posted this on a bulletin on myspace saying not to give out info on me.. and don't accept as a friend. Every guy that has a private profile was contacted Sat night asking questions and wanting to be their friend...

I thought things were getting better. Now I feel violated. That may not make sense to anyone .. but my nerves are shot now. How far will this man go??

I just couldn't sleep and wanted to post... have a good night all.

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Don't trust cyberspace and consider getting off of that myspace thing. It is giving him an avenue to contact you. Frankly, this is creepy behavior. For all you know, he is camped outside your house at 3 a.m. just watching your living space.

A's are a loose canon on our decks. I'm all for cutting them off from contact in any way possible.
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I agree with Prodigal, get off the cyberspace. If you are feeling violated it's because you are being violeted.

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Please Ayers take care of yourself and those kids. Leave that cyberspac stuff alone for now.
Maybe you are vonerable and dont know it.
I was, and then married a second alcholic ! Duh!

I wouldn't wish that on anyone

missy xo
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Yeah, I'd take my profile down for a long while if I were you. Maybe you can put it back up over the summer.

I would not look at this as uber creepy - it's just childish. This is what Jr. high aged kids do to each other. It's just yet another sign of seriously stunted emotional growth on his part. Take it down and hopefully he'll get distracted by a shiny object and wander away.

Meantime be aware of your surroundings especially when parking by your home at night. Maybe get a little something for peace of mind like an airhorn or pepper spray. Just in case.
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