Find the pom poms!

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Find the pom poms!

I am one happy lady! I was so sure the Beav had been bailed out of jail and he wasn't!! He hadn't called since the first day of his arrest and if he had acted true to characture he would be calling daily begging us to bail him out etc.

He decided on his own to sit tight until court and then let us know what happened...which is 180 days...90 with good behavior. He sounds so good...ready to do his time and he knows he has other charges to face too. He says he is many times can he beat his head against a wall...everytime he drinks something happens faster and faster. I reminded him that it was progressive. He asked me to put some money on his books and to me that is a small thing. He asked me to find out if I can bring his NA Workbook and his BigBook He is where he belongs! He actually said his higher power stepped in. And I said if I did anything I would be getting between the two of them. He said he is grateful I have an understanding.

I feel like he graduated or got married...I am that happy! I am also realistic. But I think I will stick to happy for the next 90 days! He has more days clean in the last six months than drunk...true, he has been confined somewhat but whatever it takes! Now he has another 90 days clean to think about his life.


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Wow! Good for both of you.

Now sit back and enjoy!

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JT - shaking my pom poms for you and the Beav! It sounds like a really positive step forward for him and I'll keep him (and you!) in my thoughts and prayers.

Love and hugs.
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I was never a cheerleader in school, but I sure am one here.

I am cheering for you and the BEAV JT!!!!!

Fabulous news and I'll be saying prayers that all continues to go well.
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I am stunned by how happy I am that he is in jail! Welcome to our world!! No one in the family will EVER get this but you guys do!!

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JT - ain't that the truth! It's sad, but thank God we have a sense of humour, even if it is off the wall :p
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I used to work here ;)
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Horray, I am cheering here too!!

Many hugs.
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Yes, I understand! I was never more peaceful
knowing my youngest was in jail, and he was
in the best shape mentally and physically
than I had seen him in 5 years.
I see nothing but progress for you and the
Beav. My heart and prayers are with you.
I see VICTORY!!!!

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I'm happy for you and the Beav! Now I'll just pray that the next 90 days will bring him even closer to seeing the true light!!!

Hey, he's in jail and safe. That's a lot for which to be thankful. Add that he says he wants to get better, and yep, I'd be celebrating too!!!...

Will keep ya'll in my prayers,

Hangin' In
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Wow, this may be it. When it gets like this, something bad happening everytime they pick up, its the end.

I am happy you're so happy, at least his safe and you'll know where he is for 90 days. Yeayyyyyyyyy
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I am sooooo happy for you and for him!!!! This is such good news, and I'm praying that he will find the answers while reading his Big Book and staying sober for 90 days. I believe that most jails have meetings too.

And you're right, no one else would have any clue of why we would be so happy about all this.

My son goes to court next Friday, and I am hoping that he too is given some time to stay clean and think about his future.

I'm cheering too - and sending hugs.
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That is wonderful news! As you said, others may not see the blessing in this, but we sure do! I pray the next 90 days will be the beginning of a true turnaround for the Beav.

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You just have to laugh at a thread like this one. We are all jumping for joy that the beav decided to stay in jail and work on his program.

I will send prayers that God keeps him safe where he is and that the light will go on and stay on this time.

I am so happy with you.

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LMAO! This really is hysterical!!

Searching...what you said about everytime they pick up is a problem is how he talked today. So maybe, just maybe...again I AM realistic but allow me to be optomistic for a few days.

Ward thinks I should spend this time being an advocate for the Beav. Now this is Ward talking...he thinks I should push for rehab after...he does have more charges in another county and could face more time. So if something was in place and God and the judge agreed at least the footwork would be done. I agree with Ward.

So I am going to do my homework. And I think I know how far I can go and when to stop. Information can't hurt, right?

Hugs and thanks to all!
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Rah, rah, ruff!
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That is great news! I'm so happy for you!

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