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Welcome *:distruction

i stumbled over this website and i read some of your posts today and i thought that you could be someone who can answer a problem of mine that i've been fighting for the past 2 weeks... I've had a few experiences with drugs but i've never became an addict... I recently found out that for the past two weeks i've been taking my boyfriend to a Methadone Clinic here at home and then on sunday night i would drive him to Beckley, West Virginia to another methadone clinic... Him trying to get help is not my problem... it is his reasoning behind going to these clinics... He told me he had heart problems and that was the reason he had to go everyday to a clinic near home, and he had to get his medication up in beckley which was where he used to live when he was married... I found out different when my mother came to me and told me what the clinic was... i asked around and everyone told me the same thing... i confronted him about it and he blew up on me saying i never trusted him, which i did very much so... long story short... i took him to beckley yesterday morning.. we had to be there at 5am.. i asked a young girl coming out of the clinic what that place was and she told me that it was a methadone clinic, and gave me alot of info about it.. how much the methadone costed a day, what kind of programs there were and all that.. i was baffled and shocked by everything that she told me... and she said she knew who i was with because she said she overheard a convo with him and one of his buddies saying that he was afraid i was going to find out, and i was out in the car waiting on him... The reason i'm writing you with all of this is i'm ready to confront him again about this situation... I've never had to do this before, so its a scary thought to me... I'm afraid to loose him, and i don't want him to think i'm judging him for his mistakes... You seemed to be pretty knowledgable about alot of this... We were making plans on having children and all that great stuff, but i can't put something like this behind me.. i hope you can give me some advice on how to go about talking to him without him getting angry at me or blowing up... thanks so much... and if you can't help me, i still want to thank you for your time

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Cynay....I don't know what to say, but I want you to know I'm thinking about you.
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welcome destruction
you have found a wonderful place for sharing, posting, reading, and learning. you are not alone in this....we are all here and understand.

you have made the first step in understanding what is going on by finding this site and seeking info from others in similar situations.

for tonight, you don't have to do anything. just breathe and relax.

love to you
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I think it would be wise to put your plans to "have children and all that great stuff" on hold until you learn more about addiction. That way, you'll know just lies in store for you if you choose to pursue this relationship.

Starting a relationship with someone who's an active addict and who attempts to deceive you is not a wise choice.
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