Where are you from?

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Hi....I grew up in Boston, MA area. Moved down to Texas in 1992. Felt the culture shock for about 10 of those years, but I finally feel I can call Texas home.

Have been married to AH for 16 years. He was sober until about 2000. Now, as the disease progresses for both of us (my insanity is progressing....), I'm weighing my options.

No children, but I do have three dogs and two cats.
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Hi again everyone
This is the first chance I had to check this thread after a hectic weekend and I'm so delighted to meet you all
Never expected such a response!

My A is a good man stuck in a job he hates can't get beyond the fear of leaving it and trusting it will work out, very low self-esteem. It's put us under severe strain in the last 2 years and still does. I can't do anything to help has to come from him.
I have no kids. he has a grown, married son with a 2 year old daughter and another due any day and a 13 year old daughter from another short relationship who spends weekends with us. Lot of stress there as her mother is very bitter...long story.

I have a gorgeous west highland terrier who's brought such joy and fun into our lives. He's our little peacemaker and a gift, I'm sure of it.

Any other Irish on here? Wish there was a forum like this in Ireland, but then it's waay to small (Ireland, that is) I'd probably know everyone!
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Hi, I'm Jim.

I live in Edmonds, WA, just north of Seattle.

If I live that long I will be sober sixteen years next month.
I am a member of AA, but have many close friends of who members of the Al-Anon Family Groups. I've learned much from them, and I have a tremondous respect for Al-Anon.

Many times in AA meetings I hear other members whining about how tough they've had it. I always tell them to try living with one of us.
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I am a New Yorker. I have three adult sons who have turned out to be wonderful men. My husband is very passionsate about politics, the environment and humanity as a whole. He works beneath his potential but loves his work. I am from a long line of alcoholics as is my husband. I live the country and work in the city. I live in a house that is over 100 years old tha thas a deep back yard that rolls down to a creek. I love to garden, I am a nurse who works for the hospital in the winter and for Paul Newmans Foundation in the summer for terminally and chronically ill children. I love my family and my work. I also have a side business making Adirondack accessories.
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This is great, but where are all the people from my side of the pond???

Am I the only one?? Surely not, someone must be lurking out there

BTW, send a good wish for my hubby today..has to take nasty stuff in preparation for a 'procedure' tomorrow and it's going to be a long two days (I won't go into detail - you don't want to know...)

And send me bags of patience, he's a terrible patient!

Sophia x
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Alcohol is a cruel mistress!!!
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I am from Crown Point NY. In the heart of the Adirondack Mountains. Married 15 years to an active alcoholic. I am a mother to a girl, 10 Drama queen, 13 year old boy. Step mom to a 29, 34, year old men. My home is a little zoo - birds, fish, cats, dog, and now a doll of a horse. He was my treat to me. I started taken my own advice and did something for me.
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Good Wishes to You !!!!! Keep us posted
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Hi Sophia,

I currently divide my time between Seattle WA and Essex CT. I work in the health care field, and am a writer and teacher of post graduate studies in complementary medicine, especially Ayurvedic.

I am single, mother with an adult daughter. I have been in AA and Alanon 17 and 19 years respectively.

There is a thread on the Forum called "Newcomers to Recovery" entitled: HANDS ACROSS TIME ZONES: THE SUN IS ALWAYS RISING SOMEWHERE IN THE WORLD. Check it out! It was started for people who live on different continents to interact at ALL hours day/night. There are some sweet and funny people over there...

Good luck with everything..keep posting here, too!
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Always hopeful...
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Hi, great thread! Really nice to be able "know" each other. Recently, 4 months, separated from my ex A. With him 14 years, married for 3, divorced, lived apart, then bought a house 4 years ago together & tried it again. Couldn't do it. Was active in Alanon. I have a 30 y/o Daughter, 18 mo. Grandaughter, & my adult Son died a few years ago. 2 dogs, 1 cat, & fishies! I am a RN who "retired" after 30 years, and now use my Realtor's license fulltime. Love where I live in the country in Illinois about an hour from Chicago.
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Well I'm from the UK, not many of us English folk here I know.. I was born in Liverpool (land of The Beatles) and still live here with my boyfriend, daughter and two cats
I'm 29 and an artist..I do portaits of people in pencil mainly and childrens pictures such as disney reproductions in watercolours...Which I love doing and have recently become interested in computer art too...
Not active in alanon yet...haven't found the courage but Codependant No More has become my bible! lol

Nice thread,'s nice to read about where folks are from etc...Make you lot seem more real!
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I'm another Brit - engaged to well i dunno is he an alcoholic or not? Sometimes he can drink all week and would if i let him and then he'll just drink at the weekend until he passes out and pukes everywhere. How can i help him?

What actually is he, i find the definitions of 'alcoholic' very broad if that makes sense? Is he aware of the upset that he's causing, should ii carry on not arguing back with him and walking away as i am doing now or try to hear him out even though he's talking **** most of the time?
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I'm a 40 year old woman from Northeast Ohio. Recently divorced abusive AH. We were married for 8 years. I have a son who is 22 and is a Marine currently deployed to Iraq.

I'm not currently attending Al Anon. I have gone to a few meetings, but it didn't 'click'. Maybe I'll try again sometime. Right now I'm living alone...well with my 2 cats... and trying to find my way again in the 'single world'. Everyone here at SR has been a great help and inspiration to me.
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I am 35 years old from New Hampshire - I have one 14 year old amazingly brilliant daughter. I am married to but divorcing my alcoholic husband.
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Wink Where are you from?

I'm from California (northern) and my husband is the A, in denial. I tend to think he's just a binge drinker, but either way, it's ruining our 15 year marriage. We have 2 daughters 10 & 12 years old. I love to read this site, it really helps when I'm boiling over in anger. I need to join al-anon. Good New Years resolution, huh?
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Binge poster
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you know where I'm from Sophia, lol, but wanted to join in

From Scotland but moving to Boston area at the end of January. Just in time for the freezingness....
I don't go to Alanon either, but have found alternative ways of changing my life for the better.
I don't know what would have become of me if I hadn't found this site.
big hugs
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Hi! I live on the big island, on the slopes of the worlds most active volcano, in the rain forest, home of tsunomis, lava, earthquakes (last month) and the odd hurricane. Yet, it seems tranquil compared to life in a destructive, addictive relationship. I am an ACOA and al anon member
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the king has lived all across Canada, from winnipeg to newfounland to Ontario and soon to be alberta 19 years 4 different provinces
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Little update..all went well re procedure but no results as yet. Hubby quite happy to stick head in sand but I want to know NOW!

Wish I had some of the happy stuff he was on when I collected him as he turned into the sore-headed bear from he**!!!!!! He wasn't feeling ill, just everything in the world was wrong...especially me.

Hey Jane know where you are been there, loved it.
Hugs back

Keep 'em comin'!!!
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I know I've just said this, but it's worth saying again.

Please please remember you're worthy of respect - no matter how grumpy he is.

Ahem, thanks for listening!

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I really liked everyones comments, but the ones that say their partners are gonna quite drinking after Christmas/New Years, I think it's a better idea to make that leap now. Before the holidays, because it seems that would be better to me. That way, you will have a happy holiday.

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