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Pick you're wallowing in the abandoned wife, woman scorned thing. Who does that benefit?

The best revenge is living a good life and you're free to do so know. Now get out there and live young lady!

Show your kids that when life hands out challenges you rise up and face them head on. Their Father has given them one role model, it's your turn now.
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[QUOTE=Pick-a-nameI know it really isn't like that and on some level he probably does love to drink and "play" without any of the day to day responsiblities of a wife and two answer to no one...

Anyone else ever feel like this?

(Maybe I am just tired;tired of being the one trying to hold the kids and I together why he is out there living his selfish way... having a pity-party. That I can take. Thinking he is doing great (probably not) while we are not...worries me. Maybe we aren't doing as well because we are healthy enough to see all the destruction.
Thanks for letting me vent.[/QUOTE]

Heck yes, I can relate to this. It makes me very angry!!! He gets to live in his fantasy world of being 17 forever, while i get left with "taking care" of the family and everything else. Sometimes I would like to move into his crummy apartment and let him handle everything at home. and with three small kids i do not see the light at the end of the freaking tunnel anytime soon. did I ask for this? apparently so. so maybe now i have to deal with acceptance and embracing what i have to deal with. but it does not stop me from fantasizing seeing him headless. (which he is about 95% now anyways).

yep. my wonderfully poor choice got me here.
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