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Classic Reading

The In-Between Place (The In-Between Place)

Adult survivors of abuse (Adult survivors of abuse)


Newly sober again

Breaking Up is Hard To Do.....

Are You Wondering When the Pain Stops?

Things a "normie" wouldn't know.... Part 1

Red Flags

Letting Go

Book Club

How To Have Fun When You Really Don't Feel Like It

There Are Many Ways To Enable an Alcoholic

Alcoholism is a tragic three act play in which there are at least 4 characters

About their potential.

About loving an addict / alcoholic

What's a good response to blame?

I loved him......

Letting Go of Guilt

Why Do I Need Help? He's the Alcoholic!

The Final Goodbye

Signs of Ignored Boundaries.

Can it be any clearer?

You think that you are so special, that it won't happen to you. He'll be different with you.

Bill of Rights

Detachment - Property Lines

Start Living

What Addicts Do

Are you a carrot, an egg, or a cup of coffee?

Don't Kid Yourself........

Hooks which keep you boundary-less in relationships

The Love Illusion

How to make a No-Lose decision

A year ago today.....

Drama Triangle

Letting go of those not in recovery

I need to know where you all get your strength from

Acceptance and surrender

Hopefully some answers to recent posts about A's and their recovery.

I am addicted to fantasies

Ending an addictive relationship?? Withdrawal.

Letting Go

So what ARE Boundaries?

Two Words Have the Power to Make or Break Me

"Don't think about that"---the confession of my sick mind.

Changing Our Normal

Mock ill-wishing

Excuses Alcoholics Make

Being rejected by the reject...another way to think about it.

Advice/Suggestions Please

How to STOP going to the Hardware Store?

You would think giving "mouth to mouth" to a dead animal is "hitting bottom

ES&H needed - Adult topic

Why is is they alway think..

Feeling replaced

Read posts from A forum - Mistake!!

He'll be released soon

His Name was Richard and he was an Alcoholic

What i've learned from you wonderful people

Update - Haven't posted in over a year, heartfelt thanks to you all!

Personality Disorders, Chicken or Egg?

I've been seeing a lot of love stuff lately...

Things people said that helped

The drinking is only a symptom.

Dear Addicted Loved One

What Alcoholism does to a Marriage

To All Alcoholics - What we want.

Spouses of Alcoholics...a question for you

From huge resentment to compassion

Staying away from toxic people is cruel?

Why am I even here?

How alcoholics and addicts keep us hooked - the theory of intermittent reward.

Just one text knocks the wind out of me

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For the poets


I am leaving AH after 20 years

Roles in an Alcoholic Family

Creating a Recovery Toolkit gift

Love, Leaving, Letting Go, Hope, Blessings and Dog Poo

Farewell letter

Letting go, new actions -- Thank you, Alanon

Not This

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The intermittent chicken

Would you marry an alcoholic?

Until the next time you meet Alcohol

When I knew it was over

Do you ever doubt leaving?

A year of no contact changed everything.

Feeling mixed up and no one to talk to

Life without boundaries - my thoughts today

Reflections on Seeing the Past, Looking Toward the Future

A good article on Alcoholic Thinking

10 Ways to Tell When an Addict or Alcoholic is Full of ****

Their lives are theirs to destroy.

What does it look like on the other side of the fence?

Let me fall

To startingover2 and everyone else

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