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Ringo123 02-07-2020 07:16 PM

I'm glad to see all are hitting the weights, trail, cardio, etc. and otherwise taking good care of their fitness.

Mine is spotty lately, ie, not consistent but active such as walking, biking, Zumba class and stretching. Haven't hit the weights lately but do sit-ups and push-ups at home. Truth is I've been a bit depressed. Coming out of it slowly.

Started a volunteer job at the food bank on Fridays 9am to 12:30pm. Feels good to help others in need. My computer and data entry skills come in handy.

Soft tissue leg injury is slowly healing. I've lost range of motion and at times feel unsteady when all my weight is on my right leg. One of the things I practice often is standing as long as I can with the left foot in the air, thus making the right leg stronger.

I'm on my bike every opportunity I get and since we have no rain and it is regularly in the 60's, I bike often.

Purplrks3647 02-08-2020 09:07 AM

Sorry you're feeling depressed Ringo....maybe it's part of adjusting to retirement? I like the idea of volunteering.....guided meditation helps too IMO.

I skipped 5 days in a row :dee So this morning I put in one of the new Shaun T routines, about 40 minutes...not bad for the first try but should do it again tomorrow.

Have a great weekend friends....Super Moon coming up! :Meditate:

butcher70 02-08-2020 01:54 PM

Afternoon all! Ringo hang in there depression is not fun. You will get through it like the rockstar you are!!!! Purps great job on the workout and I will definitely check the moon out! Did my deadlifts today. Gonna start doing them end of the week again. First day new program (trainer calls it death by deadlift) 375 5x10. I almost had to crawl up the stairs but I finished. Need some structure in my lifting so back to programs. Tommorow will most definitely be a rest day.. might also be a Advil day. Hope all of you are having a awesome weekend!!!

plop 02-09-2020 12:43 AM

Ringo Sorry to hear you've been depressed. It's a struggle every day but sounds like helping others is good for you.

Five runs for me this week (77 km/47 mi), about 45 minutes of yoga and some gym stuff. No deer this week but I did spot a fox. Haven't been all that motivated to run lately but I thought about it and realized I'm not tired, it's just been a monotonous winter and I'd like to get to do some harder sessions after all this winter jogging. Looking forward to some speed workouts when spring comes.

Have a good week everyone!

Purplrks3647 02-09-2020 07:50 AM

Another attempt at the new routine; much better than yesterday....these dvds have the same 8 minute abs video so I added that on today ~ 45 minutes total.

Guided meditation still to be done....


Midwest1981 02-09-2020 04:42 PM

Hi everyone! I got busy but I still came on here and seen what you guys were up too.

Mango- I am glad to see you are still taking care of yourself. The food sounds great!

Upstairs- I hope you are doing okay!

Ringo- That is great that you are being really active. It must be really nice to live in that good of weather all the time!! I love to be outside. That is wonderful that you are starting to feel better.

Butcher- the new routine sounds tough!! That is great you are challenging yourself like that. I am are it will pay off!! You really do have to switch it up to keep getting those results.

Plop- I am ready for it to get warmer too. Do you ever do any races? One time my husband and I stayed at a campground and we were the only people there....I woke up in the middle of the night and walked down to the bathrooms and there was 2 foxes just standing there. It freaked me out because it was really eerie. I wasn't exactly sure what they were. I knew they weren't deer. lol.

Purp- great job getting back to your workouts after a break!! I am sure the break was good for you though. Also I seen the big moon Friday morning and it was awesome.

Friday- rest day
Saturday- limited time so 30 minutes elliptical
Sunday- stayed at the gym 80 minutes. Walked 10, arms & abs, played with stability ball, 25 minute elliptical, and shot some hoops.

plop 02-09-2020 10:32 PM

Originally Posted by Midwest1981 (Post 7379722)
Plop- I am ready for it to get warmer too. Do you ever do any races?

Nah, when I was young I liked distance running but I never had any real talent for it, so I never bothered racing and races never became a part of my life. I'm certainly a much better runner now in middle age, I'm definitely not faster but the stuff I do makes a lot more sense.

In summertime, though, I like to push myself and run against the clock. Besides, you get some variety in your running when you are trying to get faster, so that's a bonus.

Midwest1981 02-10-2020 04:57 PM

Plop- the stuff I do makes more sense now in middle age too. Haha sometimes. ;)
I am excited to hear how your spring and summer runs go.

It was leg day for me so I brought my hip/glute band to the gym with me and did all sorts of stuff and a quick ab workout.

butcher70 02-10-2020 10:29 PM

Evening all! Glad to see everyone kicking butt!! Purps that 5 day break is actually something allot of trainers recommend every so often. They say it leads to deep tissue repair. Helps with injury prevention, great job getting back into it and glad to see the second go around was better than first day back. Purps mad respect for being so dedicated to running! I really need to run more when it's warmer out. Midwest do you like that glute/ham band? I've heard good things as far as they get your posterior chain primed up for lifting. I have issues with getting that firing doing deads or squats sometimes. Anyway chest tonight and ripped it apart!! Felt awesome! Took yesterday off cause deadlifts Saturday had me sore as all get out so had allot of energy. One of those nights I felt terrible and blah till my first set and than it started rolling. All I got for the night. Back tomorrow night. Oh-Upstairs if you are out there hope all is well and hope to hear from you soon brother!

Midwest1981 02-11-2020 12:58 PM

Butcher- the glute band really helps me! I am super sore today. My glutes, quads, and adductor muscles. ouch!! I normally am not sore so it was a good change up. I think it is worth trying. Great job on the chest routine!

So I decided to do cardio today since I am sore all over....I did 12 minute elliptical, 12 minute stair master, 12 minute treadmill, 12 minute rower, and 12 minute bike.

I think tomorrow I'll do swim class before the snow hits...Plus that will be a easy workout and basically its like an active rest day. The water always feels good.

butcher70 02-11-2020 09:34 PM

Evening all! Midwest I might get one and will let you know! Need to order my wife knee sleeves and the sell bands as well. And yeah I'm not looking forward to to the snow and cold all. Shoudlers tonight. Went really good. Overhead presses were less terrible than normal tonight but still got a long way to go. Worked up to 555 on straight bar shrugs. Last set felt good but burned! Tomorrow is gonna be a tough one. I got squats and back due cause I want to have a day off before deads so allot of Volume.. gonna carb load before hand with pasta so I got fuel. Hope all of you have a great day and night!!!

butcher70 02-12-2020 09:03 PM

Evening all! Back and squats tonight. Went good but I am beat. 5x5 squats worked up to 415. 45 degree rows and upright rows. Pullups went good! 5 sets of 5 and got them all. Very happy with that. I cheated and put my bar all the way up on my squat rack and pulled myself from sitting.. my excuse is that my garage is freezing. ...and I don't want to go out there to do them on my rafters so I improvised. Cardio. Farmer carry, bag work and hammer drills.. wanted 7 sets, got 7 sets. For a bit there I was far from sure I would get it. Got to set 5 and dug 2 more sets out. I'm absolutely done for the night. Rest tommorow. Gonna see how I feel Friday for deads .If too sore I'll do them Saturday. Well see. Hope all of you are staying warm (those like me in the freezer zone!) and having a good night!

Midwest1981 02-13-2020 06:36 AM

Butcher-If you get the band and don't like it your wife may take it. :) Great job on the pull ups and the cardio sets!! Yes you do have to be careful working out in super cold weather. I am wheezing from this weather change. The roads are good though...we didn't get much snow like they said we would.

Yesterday I did a swim class and rested. I have felt off and I am wheezing. So I am not going to go near the pool today because of the chlorine or do cardio. Just arms today and maybe abs. :)

Ringo123 02-13-2020 09:53 AM

Thanks all. Feeling better but still not my old self. Thankfully the gym is still M/W/F with some bicycling thrown in and lots of walking. My weight is up a few pounds. Had planned to add swimming to my routine but for the time being, won't be caught dead in a swimsuit. Too much pride :-(

Going on an easy hike today with Mr. Ringo. Enjoying taking time for meditation at home and at an AA Meditation Meeting.

Midwest1981 02-13-2020 12:16 PM

Ringo- I used to skip swim class if I was up any in weight but then I realized that is why I am going to work on it. We have all shapes, sizes, and ages in our pool. I am glad you are feeling better. All the walking , bicycling, mediation, aa meetings, and Zumba sound like a great retirement. :)

I went to the gym and walked and did arm stuff. Felt good. Then I went to the grocery store and resting now.

Midwest1981 02-14-2020 11:21 AM

step class & abs!

Midwest1981 02-14-2020 05:23 PM

I actually went back to the gym and walked 3 miles. I hope everyone is doing okay and enjoying Valentine's Day. :Flower:

Purplrks3647 02-15-2020 12:57 PM

Slacked all week, so I did a 45 minute video this morning!

Midwest1981 02-15-2020 01:24 PM

Purp- that sounds great! good job getting back at it.

Leg day just resting! :)

Purplrks3647 02-15-2020 02:00 PM

Thanks MW ~ You too! I enjoyed the step classes when I had a membership at LA's been a while :)

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