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Mango212 01-07-2020 03:54 AM

Hafa Adai!

Prayers please, good thoughts, support of any kind or input on what's going on with you and what you could use support with.

I'm going through a CPS court case. My personal acronym for that is now: Clarity Prosperity Serenity, as this is the spiritual result I'm receiving in amazing ways. I'm strong emotionally and physically.

I also recognize the many ways stress physically is a challenge!! My fitness level is increasing.

Several years ago at a family week at an addiction recovery center, I heard an analogy of stress being like carrying around a half-full glass of water, with the arm fully extended out. It feels much heavier in that position, especially if it's not set down. Changing the position of how I carry the glass, making use of emotional muscles, and importantly learning to intentionally set down the glass of water creates space for the body to rejuvenate in between lifting this light/heavy/clear weight (aka stress).

Mango212 01-07-2020 03:59 AM

Goals today:

Workplace parkour.

Enjoying life.


Light weights.

Running stairs yesterday was fun, energetic and easy. I appreciate the many opportunities to enjoy physical, mental and emotional fitness.

Midwest1981 01-07-2020 12:33 PM

Upstairs- great job on the workout and I hope your back is okay!!

Butcher- that is amazing on the workout and sorry to hear about the rough weekend. I hope whole family stays well the rest of winter.

Mango- sending positive thoughts and prayers

I havenít worked out yet but I am going to do three or four rounds of something I find on the internet. I am feeling great. My eating is back to normal after celebrating the holidays and I am feeling less like a chunky monkey. lol :lmao

plop 01-08-2020 06:28 AM

Mango Ė must be a stressing time for you but it's good to hear you are staying positive. I hope everything turns out fine.

Mango212 01-08-2020 06:37 AM

Hafa Adai!

Thank you, Midwest, plop and Purplrks. One day at a time. May I see the good in this day!!

It is very stressing. I'm also getting very good at identifying, lifting and setting down the stress. Emotional weights.

Music, basketball and play time are great, healthy connections that strengthen. These are my top goals today.

Bonus goals:

Hot springs.

Balance beams - may I have eyes to see them on my path today.

Making great use of my breath while running stairs.

Midwest1981 01-08-2020 12:56 PM

Arms & chest with 2 mile walk

butcher70 01-08-2020 03:42 PM

Evening all! Midwest its definitely tough to eat good around the holidays. Mango hope everything goes ok and it sounds like you have an awesome midset to get through with it!! Purps and plop glsd to see y'all still kicking butt like normal! Missed last night due to work. So now a day behind. Did chest and shoulders tonight. Chest went good. Shoulder went ok but did not get all my OHP sets. Missed by two reps. Just ran out of gas. Oh well. Tommorow squats and arms and some sort of cardio. Took the dog for a a hike today and froze.... Ready for spring! Y'all have a great night!!!

Purplrks3647 01-08-2020 05:17 PM

Today I took advantage of what little energy I had left & did a 30 minute Shaun T video when I got home.....perhaps the cooler weather is helping since the heat seems to knock me out....either way I did that + I'm tired :24:

Upstairs 01-08-2020 06:16 PM

Hola all and happy hump day. Took yesterday off because my back still felt tender. I could have done it anyway but it gave my lazy self an out and I took it. So! Shoulders day. A good workout after a less than good start. I felt good and strong, but I just wasnít pushing the overhead presses like my last shoulder workout. I tried too, lol. It just felt heavier. Tomorrowís routine will be biceps and triceps.

Hope things go well with that court case of your, Mango!

Great job on your deadlifts, Butcher70! Youíve put a lot of work into those.

Great job sticking with it Purps! Itís hard committing time for exercise after a tiring day at work!

Good to see Midwest and Plop still going at it too!

Midwest1981 01-09-2020 11:32 AM

Leg day with some abs and 2 mile walk!!

Purplrks3647 01-10-2020 01:52 AM

35 minute Shaun T video yesterday evening + guided meditation

Upstairs 01-10-2020 07:58 PM

Hola all and TGIF! Missed yesterday. No excuses. So today was Arms day. Went really well! Got a good workout. Seems like my core is lacking tho. My back bothers me on my heaviest curl exercises and my abs act up on the heavy cable triceps push downs. Iíve been thinking of getting one of those Ab / back benches for ages except they take up a lot of room. I donít have to get one for core stuff, but anything that makes them easier or more fun usually means Iíll be more likely to do them. Tomorrowís routine is Legs and Forearms. Itíll be Saturday so I probably wonít skip again! Itís supposed to hit a ridiculous 70F here tomorrow, so Iíll want to take the dog for a walk too.

Great job Purps and Midwest! CNN

butcher70 01-10-2020 11:59 PM

Evening all! Midwest leg day than a two mile walk?!!?!! Respect! I usually follow up leg day with lots of whining. Upstairs I and looking at one of those ab back benches too down the road. Some companies got that machine with a reverse hyper combo... They do got a large footprint and have very mixed reviews (the hyper part, not the ghd) not sure what route I want to go yet when funds allow. And I'm jealous of 70 degree weather!! It's cold as all get out here. Anyway, squats and chest tonight. Actually went heavy on the bench. Worked up to 315. Felt pretty good! Think the rep and half's I've been doing are helping off my chest. Gonna go back to em next time. Was jsut getting bored and wanted to feel heavy weight .Did some landmine chest holds after. Those smoked my chest! Squats went. Not good, not bad. All I got for the night, not sure what's up for tomorrow. Y'all have a great weekend!!!!!

Purplrks3647 01-11-2020 12:33 PM

Well, today I put in Cize #6 and oh boy, did I hit a's the last out of 6 routines and they get more difficult as you go....I made it through the first two 8 counts and literally spent the rest of the time standing there watching the video. :dee

It reminds me of when I was taking drum lessons; my instructor said he wanted to keep challenging me until one day he said "I finally stumped you!" That's how I feel today. So I went back and did the #5 routine + abs in order to get a workout & will hopefully try again tomorrow....this is gonna take a while.... :confused:

Upstairs 01-11-2020 05:05 PM

Hola all! Legs and Forearms day! Went great! I’m just getting back into going heavier on barbell squats so I don’t really fret about anything being too heavy. Forearm work is going well. For ages I do these wrist roller sets. Until recently I never thought to reverse the direction with them. I’m much weaker doing those and it wears my arms out. Fun stuff! Tomorrow’s routine is chest. I guess I’ll play it be ear. Not sure if I’ll have to limit my range of motion again or if I can go all out.

Great job Purps! It’s kinda nice you still have something yet to work on! You’re almost there!

Butcher70. What are landmine chest holds? Are they different than the regular landmine press? You just out the barbell end in front of you and press up?

Oh, and no idea why my last post ended with CNN, lol. Kinda strange

plop 01-11-2020 09:01 PM

Hi all! Only three runs (45 km/28 mi) this week, some yoga and some circuit training. A few weeks ago I had a common cold and now it's influenza time, but my arm's getting better.

Purps Ė just stay focused, you'll be there in no time.

Have a good week everyone!

Midwest1981 01-12-2020 05:24 AM

Friday- just a mix of strength training exercises
Saturday- rest day

sunday- arms, abs, and 2 mile walk

Purplrks3647 01-12-2020 08:35 AM

Nice work everyone! :grouphug:

Thanks for the encouragement....did much better today than's a 50 minute video, but I had to pause and rewind a few times....I had so much anxiety I forgot to eat first! :09:

Upstairs 01-12-2020 03:52 PM

Hola all! Chest day went great! After some warming up and using a slightly more narrow grip, my bench presses felt just like normal. Granted, I was a little bit weaker than I was a couple weeks back. Got all my reps but the last one, but I’m very happy about feeling more or less back to normal. It’s frustrating having to worry about something going wrong every time I lift the weight off the rack. Tomorrow’s routine is working out my back. I think I’m going to keep at this heavier stuff another three weeks then go lighter for a month or so. Let myself heal up and maybe lose some weight. I guess that’ll take me to about spring. Anyway, hope you all had a good weekend!

Plop - man, I’m hoping I manage to avoid what seems to be going around here as well. It was just a bad cold, but now people around me are all getting bronchitis too. I should just take my vacation days now and hunker down at home until it all blows over

butcher70 01-12-2020 08:34 PM

Evening all! Glad to see everyone crushing it!!! Plop, feel better! Upstairs, ok gonna answer your question I hope... Wish I was tech savvy enough to post the video but don't remember which one. Ok, set up your landmine, on tbe weight end put your weight (I used one 45lb plate) sit on a bench and get it so the end of the bar is right over you. With both hands on the bare bar, bring it slowly down to your chest... Now here is the kicker, on the way down, try to squeeze your elbows together till the bar won't go lower to your chest... Hold it for as long as you can (I try for 5 counts) than up than back down and same. As many reps as you feel. Hope you like it! Tonight knocked bench and arms out so I don't have to do them tommorow after deadlifts. Went well! Got all my sets and did landmine squeezes! Gonna take a break from chest till Wednesday. Pecs are sore. Anyway hope you all have a great start to the week!!

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