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plop 03-07-2020 11:44 PM

Hi all! Five runs this week (76 km/47 mi), some yoga and some circuit training. Was planning a second six-run week, but my legs didn't feel quite ready for it so I settled for five runs. I'll try to have a high mileage week next week, after that I'm going to focus on speed endurance.

Stay safe everyone!

Purplrks3647 03-08-2020 09:30 AM

Did an hour dog walking volunteer shift at the Humane Society this morning + yesterday morning....I suppose that doesn't count as real exercise? Kinda therapeutic though :puppy:

Mango212 03-08-2020 11:39 AM

Hafa Adai!

Exercise. Great wisdom from Wikipedia:

Exercise is any bodily activity that enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health and wellness.

Yesterday I put footprints on framed out walls, stretched my body further, had playfulness, held some long stretches, etc.

Thanks to this thought now, I will count it as exercise just as much as a few 70+ lb spools I carried on to the next place they'll be needed. Day by day, I'm gaining strength, emotional sobriety, greater joy and greater flexibility.

Last night as I talked with someone behind a counter about shoes, I easily brought my foot up behind/to the side to show her my running shoe. A very natural movement that showed itself to me in that moment.

Dog walking requires skills. Kudos!

Dancer pose, yoga:

butcher70 03-09-2020 09:19 PM

Evening all! Mango if I tried to swing my leg up like that I would fall on my face! Plop great job on the runs as always! Midwest hope the nice weather found its way to you! Purps dog walking is definitely a workout! A awesome one! Took weekend off, tonight back with chest and did arms too. Went good but having trouble typing my forearms are smoked! All for the night! Shoudlers tommorow!

Mango212 03-10-2020 06:21 AM

Hafa Adai!

I have a free class scheduled at a more intense gym than I've done before. It's the exciting kind of scary. :)

I asked for more info, met a bunch of people, am familiar now with some of what's up, and instead of that putting me into more comfort, I'm acknowledging there's a lot about this that's outside my comfort zone. Maybe the biggest part is the timing in all the trauma-releasing-transforming I've been allowing.

One day at a time.

I like the idea of this. I'm open to it. I'm willing.

I really like and appreciate the people I met, several hugely positive life connections and the feel of the place.

Midwest1981 03-10-2020 11:35 AM

Butcher- if you canít type now what are you going to do when you start flipping over the 1,000 pound fire?! lol I canít wait to hear how it goes!

Plop- great job on the runs! I am sure next week will be great!

Mango- I am excited for you about the high intensity class!!

Purp- great job getting out and walking and volunteering!!

i have been doing the same type of exercising the last few days. HIIT workout with strength training. Abs, arms, legs, chest...I try to hit it all.

Upstairs 03-10-2020 06:50 PM

Hola all! Back from the dead! I needed that break! Course now Iím amazed at how much strength you can lose in one month. Geez. I did my chest workout today, and Iím over a hundred pounds off. Itíll come back, but probably not in a month. At the end of this week Iím going to be one sore individual. Itís going to take some work not to get discouraged.

I had my four year sober anniversary over the weekend. Yay! Iíll have to keep an eye on day 1,500. Anyway, Iím glad everyone else is still here and keeping at it!

butcher70 03-10-2020 08:43 PM

Evening all! Upstairs damn good to see you back brother! Congratulations on your sober time! Your strength will come back fast! Midwest great job on the workout! And honestly not sure how it's going to go with the new tire but am very sure it's gonna involve cussing, Advil, and ice! So kinda like a normal project for me, oh and band-aids! Mango definitely go for the HIT class! Sounds cool and challenging! Let us know how it goes! Shoudlers tonight! Went good. Started off terrible and I'm not sure why. But as I went along things got lighter. So I was doing straight bar shrugs I wasn't kinda zoned out and was adding weight doing sets of 10 reps. I do a single deadlift to get it into position than do my shrugs. Had 535 plus my 60lb chains on each end. Felt heavy going up but locked it and got 5 reps before failure, it was a burnout set. Finally stated adding weight up and saw that was a heavy deadlift. Since i was lifting shoudlers didn't even think that part of it. Hard for to me factor what it would be as a normal bar lift without chains but I'll take it! Box squats and back tomorrow night! Y'all keep crushing it!!

butcher70 03-11-2020 06:47 PM

Evening all! Box squats tonight. And I'm glad they are done. There was fair to moderate bit of whining by me... Afterwards I skipped back. Mines a little sore. Squats didn't help that. Did a HIT circuit with tire and hammer, 50lb slam ball throws, and bag work. Wanted 7 rounds, got 8! Literally laying on the floor under the fan using my dog as a pillow... I'm beat. A shower, Advil, cold water and early bedtime are all coming soon tonight. Y'all have a good one!

plop 03-12-2020 03:56 AM

Congratulations on four years, Upstairs!

Upstairs 03-12-2020 06:02 PM

Hola all! Back day. Ugh. Everything feels so hard, lol. Deadlifts, even the light ones I did, felt brutal. I stuck to three set exercises and moderate weight and reps. Important thing is I worked out and no injuries. Itís going to be a while before I grow accustomed to exercising an hour or so a day again. Tomorrowís routine is shoulders.

One good thing about my five weeks off was I lost like 15lbs. Once I stopped lifting my appetite decreased dramatically. Course maybe I lost 15lbs of muscle, lol. Take care all!

Mango212 03-13-2020 09:25 AM

Hafa Adai!

Thanks for the encouragement!!

Upstairs, congratulations on the recovery time and all you've accomplished! :You_Rock_

I've been going by how my clothes fit. Some days I've been eating a lot of food -- gone Paleo this past week and allowing myself plenty of healthy fats and more calories than where I'd been going.

I kept things simple at a local gym yesterday. I appreciate a fitbody app recommendation from someone I met.

Weird how small steps forward sometimes releases past trauma/muscle/cellular memory, yet I have great skills now in dealing with it. This too shall pass. This gets easy with practice and with less to release.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

butcher70 03-13-2020 02:15 PM

Afternoon all! Hope everyone is having a great Friday and the weekend is the same! Missed yesterday. Work stuff and my quads and glutes are more sore than normal from squats. So did chest heavy today. Went pretty terrible... Somehow my plates gained weight....... That's my excuse today anyway. Everything felt heavy and didn't lighten up as a went . Oh well. No injury, nothing broke so could be worse. Deads tommorow night. Hope those go better. Hope all of you have a great night and weekend!!

Upstairs 03-13-2020 07:10 PM

Hola all and happy Friday the 13th! Had the day off from work and so I went to the dmv. Had my first sightings of people donning masks, lol. So anyway. Had my Delts workout today. Only took about half an hour. I was taking like two hours a workout before. I think I was going a little crazy working out before I made myself quit, lol. I dunno. At the time I felt it was more healthy doing that in the evenings than just watching tv or something. Tomorrowís routine is biceps and triceps plus a little bit of yard work. Have a great weekend everyone!

Purplrks3647 03-14-2020 07:48 AM

Welcome back Upstairs and congrats on 4 years! :celebrate

After a week of no workouts I did a Cize routine....50 minute video.....still need to do guided meditation.

Have a great weekend fitness friends! :grouphug:

butcher70 03-14-2020 04:02 PM

Afternoon or evening or whatever it is! I'm on graveyard shift so I'm all turend around. Deads today... Not my best day. 475 5x1. Had almost no floor speed.. fought every rep. Got my sets done but that should not of been that hard. Oh well. Hope all of you are having a good weekend! I'm taking tomorrow off, back to chest on Monday.

plop 03-14-2020 11:49 PM

Hi all, six runs (87 km/54 mi), about twenty minutes of yoga and some circuit training at home this week. From next week on less mileage and more speed, I don't see any reason why they would forbid solitary outdoor running. It's not like people are being in close contact with anybody when they are running alone.

Stay safe!

Purplrks3647 03-15-2020 12:50 PM

30 minute Shaun T video, guided meditation and walked a few dogs at the shelter. Not bad for a Sunday :)

Midwest1981 03-16-2020 12:17 PM

Hi everyone....I got busy but I did exercise all last week and skipped the weekend. I did catch up on everyone’s post. It is always motivating to read what everyone is up too.

Plop- Great job on the 6 runs!!

Butcher- I hope your chest workout goes well today. Great job on the 8 round circuit!!

Purp- I am glad you found something to keep you active and that you enjoy.

Mango-how did the hard class go?

Upstairs- welcome back!! I think about the same thing as you. If I am exercising to much...etc. It does seem like I eat a lot more if I exercise a little to much. Oh well. I just do what feels good.
Congratulations on 4 years sober!!! You are 11 weeks ahead of me.

By some miracle my gym is still open and it’s the only thing open. Haha so I went today and was careful. 30 minute elliptical, 1 mile walk, and arms. Everyone was cleaning equipment before and after. Everyone spaced out between machines and I showered before I left.

Midwest1981 03-16-2020 05:41 PM

My gym announced it was closing for a few weeks! So at home workouts start tomorrow.

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