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Midwest1981 02-25-2020 10:52 AM

3 mike walking away the pounds video

Purplrks3647 02-25-2020 06:01 PM

40 minute video + guided meditation :Meditate:

butcher70 02-25-2020 08:16 PM

Evening all! Shoudlers tonight. Worked up to 545 shrugs. Felt ok. Not allot in the tank tonight. Got that and all my other stuff done. Dumbell shrugs went good. Side and front raises went ok. No issues. Glad to see everyone getting after it! Squats and back tomorrow night. Gnight all!

Midwest1981 02-26-2020 11:45 AM

Arms, abs & chest!! I may walk some later.

Butcher & Purps- great job on the workouts. Itís nice to read what everyone is up too!!

Purplrks3647 02-26-2020 05:43 PM

35 minute video + meditation....Nice work everyone! :grouphug:

butcher70 02-26-2020 08:40 PM

Good to see everyone getting after it! Squats and back tonight. All went ok except pullups. Once again not much in the tank tonight. Haven't been getting a ton of sleep due to work and helping with late night bottle duty. Gonna take tommorow off and hit deads on Friday if I have time. If not will do them Saturday when I get up. Y'all have a great night!!!

Midwest1981 02-29-2020 05:36 AM

Purp- do you have any favorite guided meditation? Any recommendations from YouTube? Thanks!!

Butcher- I hope you got some rest!! You really do great at staying active for as busy as you are!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend and enjoying the extra day in Feb.

Thursday- leg day
Friday- full body workout

I may skip a few days but I donít know yet. Iíll report back. As of now I am lying in bed. :lmao

Purplrks3647 02-29-2020 07:24 AM

40 minute video done this morning....

Hey MW ~ The guided meditation I do is from a kit I purchased at one of those metaphysical gift shops ~ it has a cd + contemplation cards....not sure what all is on Youtube, but I saw one from an AA 11th Step meditation meeting.....maybe a search on there will bring up more options....I also like finding meditation/relaxation music to play in the background while I'm online.

butcher70 02-29-2020 05:13 PM

Evening all! Midwest glad to see you getting it done! And mad respect doing a full body the day after leg day!! That's hardcore! My after leg day involves lots of Advil, whining and swearing that I'm done lifting legs.... Till the next week! Purps I got some buddy's that are marksmen at work that do mediation and swear by it for keeping focus and keeping heart rate down. Deadlifts tonight. 425 5x5... All went good till 3rd set than the fight started. I got all my sets but had to work my behind off for it. I'm absolutely beat. My lower back, quads and glutes are lit up. Tommorow is gonna be a day off without a doubt. Chest Monday and back at the iron grind for the week. Y'all have a great weekend!!!! You guys are awesome!!!

plop 02-29-2020 11:12 PM

Hi all! My legs are rather stiff after this week: six runs (90 km/56 mi), about twenty minutes of yoga and about twenty minutes of weights. Well, I wanted more mileage and that's what I got. Tomorrow's going to be a rest day.

Meditation's great by the way, really helps you stay focused. I don't do anything guided or structured, basically I just sit with my eyes closed, but I started when I got sober and my mind was all over the place and I couldn't concentrate.

Have a good week everyone!

Purplrks3647 03-01-2020 04:17 PM

Did another 40 minute video and guided meditation today....though I'm pretty sure I ate more calories than I burned.... :e136:

Mango212 03-01-2020 09:28 PM

Hafa Adai!

Some days I fast. Some days I eat a ton of calories. It's all good, especially as I'm meditating and trusting inner guidance system / my body "knowing" and Higher Power in new ways. Metaphysical/physical connections in the body healing and getting stronger.

Yoga, strength training, using my breath more consistently and the world as my gym & playground is going well.

I'm sleeping really well & appreciating this, also.

Midwest1981 03-02-2020 04:16 PM

It sounds like everyone is has kicked it up a notch!! Thatís great!

Purp- I have days like that too. I bet you needed the extra food. :)

Butcher- thatís great you felt that workout!!

Plop- great job on the mileage!! That is awesome.

Mango- I agree... I love the benefit of good sleep from being active.

arms & abs today!! I feel really good....ready for spring!!

butcher70 03-02-2020 06:56 PM

Evening all! Looks like everyone is crushing their workouts!! Great job! Did not follow suit tonight. Did chest 205 5x10 was the program. Got to the 3rd set and got 8 reps than started missing last two reps on each following set.... Went to do pushups pus bag work after and my chest was just done. Not sick, ate fine, pleanty hydrated... Just gonna chalk it up to sometimes workouts just don't go well. Gonna regoup and have a go at shoulders tommorow night. Hope all of you have a great night!!

Notch8 03-03-2020 02:27 PM

I started walking just before Christmas and will eventually start rucking (walking with a weighted pack). Also have a renewed interest in bouldering and scrambling. May build a make-shift outdoor climbing gym! Blessings to all.

Midwest1981 03-04-2020 11:03 AM

Butcher- I think we all have those days when we are just a little off!!

Notch8- welcome to the thread!! Great job on the walking and I think the outdoor climbing area sounds like a wonderful idea. Keep us updated on it. :)

Tuesday- leg day

Wed. - exercises to keep my heart rate up then I would rotate between arms, legs, abs etc. Planks, wall sits, side planks, push ups, dips, sit ups, lunges, calf raises etc. Then I ate my weight in protein. Haha

butcher70 03-04-2020 02:26 PM

Afternoon all! Holy cow Midwest your workout today looked hard af!! You definitely would need protein after that! And the day after leg day!? Respect!! Welcome Notch! Mango and purps great job staying in the zone! Had to skip yesterday got banged up at work. Bone cracker today, good to go and he green lit me to start back lifting. It's the first beautiful day we have had so took out the big tire for the first time since fall. Two trips with hammer work and front jumps. Tire felt lighter than it did in the fall! So that's a bonus. Probably lost 5lbs in sweat. Dog "helped" me... He's wore out too. Gonna grill and enjoy one of two monthly days off and maybe get ice cream with the family later. Squats tommorow night. Y'all have a great night!!!

Midwest1981 03-06-2020 01:12 PM

Butcher- I am glad you were cleared to go back to lifting! The tire work and cookout with the family sounds awesome! Itís nice to get outside.

I hope everyone has a nice safe weekend!!

Thursday- walked and some arms & abs
Friday- leg day with the glute band

butcher70 03-06-2020 11:54 PM

Evening all! Midwest yeah it's about time some nice weather is here! We lost a ton of snow... But still March so more could be around the corner.. so not celebrating just yet but definitely gonna enjoy the weather while it lasts! Anywho, hit chest last night. Warmed up and did heavy singles. Got to 325 on straight bar. Was very happy with that. Did landmine chest holds after for burnout.. and they worked like always! Deadlifts tonight and tore my set apart! 455 5x3. No issues at all. Got a buddy of mine getting me a new tire from a rock quarry hauler... Gonna be a 1000lbs... There is the possibility I might be in over my head with this but plan B is if it is too heavy it will be a giant sand box for my kiddos. If I can flip it once though it's game on! Taking rest of weekend off from lifting to hit fresh Monday. Hope all of you have a great weekend!!!!!

Purplrks3647 03-07-2020 07:46 AM

(Finally) a 40 minute video done today ~ after slacking for a week! Definitely need to get more consistent....

Heart Chakra guided meditation done.

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