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plop 02-15-2020 10:43 PM

Hi all! Recovery week for me, about 20 minutes of yoga, some circuit training and only four runs (55 km/34 mi). I had to cut my weekly long run short because of the weather, I admitted defeat the moment wind started tossing me around and I'm not the smallest guy. In all honesty I probably shouldn't have gone for a run at all, but looking out the window it didn't look that bad.

Good week everyone!

butcher70 02-16-2020 03:33 AM

Good morning or afternoon or evening all! On graveyard shifts ... No clue what you would call this time of day but I'm ready for bed! Tried doing deads on friday. Was just whooped and my first working set at 425 felt redicules heavy so I stopped. Took Saturday as a rest day. Hit deads before shift and crushed it! Program called for 5x5 ended up getting 8 reps last set. More than happy with how it went. Glad to see everyone kicking butt like is normal for this crew! Hope all of you have a great weekend!!

Purplrks3647 02-16-2020 05:28 AM

Did a 50 minute Cize routine this morning....that one makes me sweat! Definitely needed it.

Mango212 02-16-2020 10:31 AM

Hafa Adai!

My stamina and sustained energy levels are increasing.

I'm still greatly enjoying world as my playground. Running stairs, jumping, playing, dancing while working, praying/meditating through the day.

My belly has been physically affected by stress trauma. It's healing. Releasing muscle monies/cellular memory has left it soft/mushy and still there is a strength, energy and healing I feel going on. Let go and let God.

Climbing is where I'm having more, extra fun lately. I'm blessed to know amazing people, have fabulous outdoor recreation areas, a cabin that is a blast to climb on furniture, cabinets, etc. as a ready-made climbing gym, and a very large climbing gym in my home recovery city.

A part of climbing I love is waiting in stillness, allowing recognition and awareness of paths, opportunities, viewing each moment with fresh eyes.

Purplrks3647 02-16-2020 03:26 PM

That's a good idea Mango....finding more exercise in every day activities, rather than just limiting myself to a video when I'm at home. Next weekend I start volunteer training at the Humane Society with the Canine Companion Program, so that should help keep me moving! :puppy:

Midwest1981 02-16-2020 03:48 PM

It sounds like everyone is doing great this weekend! :) I think it is great that we all do different activities and it all counts!!

Elliptical- 30 minutes
Walking- 30 minutes
Topped it off with some full body strength exercises. Hit everything I could.

Rest day tomorrow to spend time with my mom and brother. I am so excited. I haven't seen them since Thanksgiving.

Mango212 02-16-2020 05:07 PM

Hi Purplrks,

I've done Beach Body before with great success. There are several trainers and routines I adore. Prayer and meditation have taken me a different route this time.

Reflecting on this, a huge part of it is internally how I'm releasing trauma, judgements of myself, crazy false beliefs and I'm looking forward to when I'm in a healthy enough heart space to do Beach Body or other similar stuff again.

Truth: recovery is a lot to take in. It's worth it. It sucks some days. Pushing through, perseverance, and learning to wait for right healthy timing are skills we get to master.

butcher70 02-17-2020 08:03 PM

Evening all! Everyone is killing it! Plop hope your deload goes good and you come back stronger! Midwest hope you have a blast with your family and great job on your workouts! Mango recovery is damn hard sometimes that's for sure. Good on you for rocking through it! And be safe climbing!! I'm not coordinated enough for that!! Purps that's awesome you are helping train dogs! I'm dealing with a few issues with mine. He's a great dog, He's a almost 3yo Presa canario. Since son was born he's got a little more protective of the kids and house. Which sometimes leads to him waking a sleeping baby when we have a mail/package delivered. I'll work through it with him. Anyway, chest tonight. Program called for 235 5x5. Wasn't even challenging. I know I'm supposed to follow it to the letter but did a burnout chain set afterwards. That wore me out! Program increases in intensity down the road so will see how it goes. Shoudlers tommorow night. Y'all have a good one!

butcher70 02-18-2020 08:33 PM

Howdy all! Came home a little gowly tonight and decided to do heavy deads and shoulders. Worked up to 555 for a single on deads! Very happy with that. Did shoulders and cleans. Worked up to 505 on shrugs and 175 for cleans. All felt good and I'm absolutely beat and almost forgot what I was mad about before I started. Sometimes iron is a good therapist. Squats tommorow night. Hope all of you have a great night!

Midwest1981 02-19-2020 06:15 AM

I had a great time with my family!

Monday- a little swimming
Tuesday- 20 minute elliptical
Wednesday- going for a full body workout and some cardio

I probably won't be on for a few days ...I'll be busy!! great job everyone on the workouts. Butcher I agree...exercise is a great outlet!!

Purplrks3647 02-20-2020 02:30 AM

Been slacking again and feeling super irritable.....maybe if I post here I can get outta this funk!

Great work everyone! :You_Rock_

butcher70 02-20-2020 11:33 PM

Evening all! Midwest glad you had a good time seeing your family! Sometimes it's hard to get timing on that to happen and good for you for making it happen! Purps you will get back into it! We all fall out of the routine sometimes. Took yesterday off. Deads had me sore. Tonight was box squats and back. Hated every second of the box squats.. so glad those are done. Rows went ok. Pullups not too bad. Not as good as last time but still ok. I had to grit tonight's lift out. Really wanted to just go to bed. Probably gonna take tomorrow off and go back to my deadlift program Saturday. Has me pulling 425 for 5 singles. Hopefully not famous last words but really not sweating that. Upstairs if your watching the road would like to hear from you brother! Or of your taking time away for your own reasons hope that is going as well too! All I got for the night all! Keep rocking it!

butcher70 02-22-2020 12:08 AM

Howdy all! Was gonna take the night off. Felt like hitting some sets. Did some heavy bench singles. I know I should follow my program I'm back onto monday but just don't want the weight shock when I jump back into the heavy weight which happened after my last program. Worked up to 315. Everything up to that point went great! 315 felt ok...ish.. struggled right past 90 degree elbows and got off my bar path..(towards stomach). Got it back and finished the rep but definitely could of been cleaner . Oh well. Felt good to more some heavy weight. Crushed everything up to 305 and probably should of tried a double with that but didn't. Not too bad of a night. Hopefully deads tommorow. Hope all of you have a great weekend rolling!!

Purplrks3647 02-22-2020 09:44 AM

One video done Thursday + one this morning, plus guided meditation.....feeling a bit less funk-y!

plop 02-22-2020 09:46 PM

Hi all! My week didn't go exactly as planned, practically it was a second recovery week because I had to skip one day (one of our cats got sick and needed to see a vet, he's better now) and then the weather wasn't co-operating at all, so I had to replace one run with indoor cycling because of a storm.

So: four runs (50 km/31 mi), one and a half hours of indoor cycling, some yoga, some weights. Next week I'll try to get some more mileage under my belt. Good week everyone, good to see everyone staying active!

butcher70 02-22-2020 11:45 PM

Evening all! Purps a good workout will snap me out of a funk too! Always feel better after. Plop glad you got ways to still workout around the weather and glad your cat is good to go! Deadlifts tonight. Followed my program. 425 5x1... Didn't forsee and problems and did not have any. Odd not breaking a sweat on deads. Not even remotely tired. But gonna give this program a go. Looking down the road at it, there are some tough lifts 3 months out. One of them is 505 3x3. That one has me worried. Other is about week 15 has me pulling 495 4x5. As of right now I can't do either one of those. Hopefully the build up gets me there. This program should add 25lbs to my top end. Would be extremely happy with that. Closer to 600. Tommorow is a rest day and than back to the grind Monday with chest. Hope all of you have a great Sunday!!!

Mango212 02-23-2020 08:58 AM

Hafa Adai!

Focusing today on nutrient-dense foods, active, productive playtime and making use of stretching myself further physically.

Checking in with my body to see what it's up for today, then willing to push just a little further. :)

Have a beautiful day, everyone!

Purplrks3647 02-23-2020 09:31 AM

Meditation then Cize video done this morning + I went and walked a couple dogs :)

Midwest1981 02-24-2020 12:02 PM

hi everyone! It looks like everyone is doing well! Upstairs we miss your updates and I hope you are doing well!

Plop- the indoor cycling sounds like a nice change. I hope the weather is better for you this week!

Purp- I am glad you are feeling better and back to your routine. :)

Mango- great job listening to your body that is so important.

Butcher- I am excited to hear about how the program continues to go for you! It sounds like it is working.

Thursday- off day
Friday- 1 mile walk and some strength training
Saturday - day off
Sunday- arms, abs, and cardio
Monday- leg day and cardio

butcher70 02-24-2020 09:13 PM

Evening all! Good to see y'all kicking butt like normal!! Chest tonight. Another sweatless workout. Program called for 255 5x3. Don't get me wrong it feels good to finish with zero difficulty... But I like to be completely worn out when I am done. I just remind myself some months down the road things are gonna get real tough with this program... Gonna trust it and roll with it for now. I need some structure in my lifting or I'm all over the place and don't see any consistent gains. So we roll on. Shoudlers tommorow night. No program for that it's my own devise and I gonna hit the gas pedal! Hope all of you have a great night!!

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