Question about exercising

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Question about exercising

I was wondering if anyone else had this problem:

I am a 46 yr old man who just recently stopped drinking, 3 days now. I also have been working out for 7 yrs and the whole time always had plenty of energy. Just this past year, I have been so tired, having no energy to work out. I went to the gym today and did a 30 min. workout. I normally workout for about an hour. I was wondering if this was related to my drinking? Any help would be great!
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Welcome cbinzo68 and congrats on your sober time!

Listen, no one here is going to be able to answer your question for you. Of course being tired with no energy could be related to drinking, but there are a million other things it could be from.

You have decided to get sober and have a desire to exercise. I think that is a great path to go down. You are making better choices that may very well lead to feeling better, including having more energy.

Good luck!
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Welcome! Your fatigue depends on many factors, such as how much you drank, how well you eat and sleep. Drinking excessively tends to mess up many things. It did for me. I was a runner.

I would suggest you focus on sobriety and eating well. Get plenty of sleep, which may take a while to normalize. Dont push too hard at the gym, try some easy cardio, cycling, walking.. In time I'm sure your energy will return.
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Welcome Cbinzo

It proberly has got to do with the fact you gave up drinking congrats btw

Give your body a lil time I'm only getting bk into training for the last few weeks and I'm coming up on 26 months sober
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Yeah. I'm 4 months in am still am having the same issue as you. I m ean I can do my normal routine but am still feeling the exhaustion more---say on the elliptical. I notice I'm decreasing the numbers on it more--like I'd do 8 or more before now I'm good at 6 or 7. I've had some luck lately with those pre- workout energy things like the powder you mix in water and I tried these gummy things last night that worked. Both things were due to just accident-- vitacost was offering free samples with my check out and the gummy things I got because I stopped by my favorite supplement store yesterday and they were marked down. Would have never tried them otherwise-- I'm not an 'energy drink' person as I suspect the energy you get is mostly caffeine but the stuff I've tried has no caffeine. Hope that helps-- it works.
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