bacterial infection on face/ picking

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bacterial infection on face/ picking

I recently messed up and used, but it isn't a full relapse. I'm really bad about picking at my face or arms even when its just a small blemish. So I was messing with zits on my face and when I got up the next morning my face was all broke out in little blisters. I found out that it was an infection called IMPENDIGO. what are some home remedies that will dry the sores up and prevent further spreading? And any suggestions on this?
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My daughter had impetigo recently and I took her to the family doctor who prescribed a course of antibiotics and a cream that she had to put in her nostrils twice a day for a week. Once impetigo has spread, it is very very difficult to get rid off without the right antibiotic; I remember my sister having it when she was a teenager and it took several years to clear up without an antibiotic.

Sorry, not very encouraging news, more just a warning... the bacteria lives in your nostrils normally and so it is hard to 'control' using 'natural' means. The only advice I can offer is do NOT touch it at all or it will encourage spreading. Hot wash your pillow case every day to prevent the bacteria from living on it and reinfecting your face. Really, see a family doctor / GP as soon as you can to get a prescription for the right antibiotic as soon as you can.
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Hey, sorry to hear about your skin problems. My alcoholic girlfriend got the same thing just before she went into rehab recently. Sounds like your immune system isn't working at it's best and leaves you open to bugs that we can usually deal with. Its really infectious so get to the docs asap is my advice or it will likely spread. My GF's cleared up in a few weeks with the right cream. Make sure you wash pillows, sheets etc.. once it's been treated. Hope that helps
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