The Cold, the Never Ending Cold

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The Cold, the Never Ending Cold

I've had my ups and downs with sobriety, but the one thing that has helped me the most is fitness. Still, I can get bored with the gym. I love it, but I also love being outside. I'm just wondering how others have tackled similar issues. I go to the gym almost everyday, and I can go back a second time. But when March rolls around I'm ready to get back outside to bike, hike, and row. Those are great evening activities to replace my box-o-wine ritual. Sometimes I think I should just move south, but I love Philadelphia.
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Some of us post regularly under CafeCentral... we exercise and whine about the cold, the snow, and anything else that we feel deserves a whine! We also share a sense of humor, which has helped a lot this past winter.

We have several members from back East, so I have been able to hear about their experiences with this horrid winter. Surprisingly, Denver has not seen nearly the snow this year that the East coast has.
You are welcome to join us!
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I live in Toronto, so we've also been unfortunate recipients of this AWFUL winter that won't die.

The only outdoor activities I like are warm weather activities. Winter sports can kiss my behind. I should've been born in a warmer climate.

Physical activity is crucial to my sobriety.
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Philly - I agree with you on the weather. Living in the Midwest can be hard w/the winters (although this one wasn't that bad), but I struggle with dealing with the winters and thinking about moving some place warmer. I enjoy running and biking but it can be hard to do in the winter, although I do bike to work year round. (I bike on a bike path, so even though it may be -20 or 8 inches of snow on the ground, I'm generally safe because I bundle up like a crazy person and I don't have to worry about cars and traffic).
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Feel your pain- if I'm on form I do some kind of workout 3 times a week, if the weather is halfway reasonable I run the other 2 days and sometimes go biking- but this winter has been a monster PITA. ONly out running a few times/month. Happily the cardio hasn't suffered too much, putting things back together the last couple weeks. I don't mind running into the low 30's if its dry out.. but this last winter was pretty wet. I think it was winter 2012 it didn't freeze much around here I could run most of the winter, that was nice. I started running to my alanon mtg and back too, a nice break from the usual course and good self-care
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