Late night fridge raids!

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Late night fridge raids!

I find i am really well behaved during the day, but as soon as night time comes, usually before im about to go to sleep, I will have a slip and binge on sugary things or savoury stuff with salt heavy condiment.

Does anyone have this problem and what ideas do you have to battle it?

Im going to sleep now but will reply to any posts in morning!

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I WISH I were well-behaved all day

Of course, not having a job makes it easy for me to just nosh all day long.

After about 3 days I asked myself what was up. I said to myself, "my body must be craving something."

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This is just me – and it is really basic – and it might be a silly idea for many of you. However, I have found that if I brush my teeth 30 minutes after I eat, I have no more cravings for the rest of the evening. I might get hungry, but I am not going to be craving treats like I would otherwise.
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I don't know how old you are Kathleen....but I'm old.pushing hard on 50. TOOK me many years to know myself. I love to sit in bed at night and watch re runs or steven colbert and eat. THE crappier the food the better. and the teeth brusshing thing, only works for a get over it...I've even gotten over teeth whiteners, etc. What I do now, is I log my foods every day, I don't care if I eat 1/2 an elk, I log it. at night, I grab MY tub of cool whip, a banana, and an apple...and I cut and dip. NOT every night, just on those 'nights'. OR, I go take a husband will say, WHERE the F are you going..I say 'walking'. it helps. plus 2 am walks, no one is out.
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