Unhappy scalp

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Cool Unhappy scalp

Hey everyone,

I'm newly sober (about a month). I've always had a dry scalp but even though I've used a whole load of homemade natural remedies, plus regular anti-dandruff shampoo, medicated shampoo and T-gel, for some reason it seems even worse since I stopped drinking. I'm hydrated, eating well, but my scalp is just flaky and it's embarrassing as I have very dark hair.

I just wondered if anyone else experienced this in their newly-sober days and whether anyone had taken a GP's medicine for it? I did years ago, but I've been trying to avoid it. I will try any homemade remedy before I resort to another medicated shampoo!

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I haven't had that experience. Sorry I'm not much help. Congrats on your sobriety.
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Hi JaneLane,

Not had the same problem myself but my friend had a problem with dry patchy skin on her forehead, hair line. She tried oil pulling (if you google it there's lots of information there) which worked for her. I'm not making any comments around the science of it or how successful it might be but just a suggestion for something outside the box to try.

Congrats on the sobriety
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That's brilliant advice. I actually practice oil pulling for oral health and do a daily DIY oil massage daily, so that's great advice to take it into the scalp. I tried it years and years ago and I know it made my hair greasy, but I'm okay with that temporarily if it gets rid of the flakiness!
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I did not have the dandruff problem but did have horrible dry skin and hair for a while when drinking. Perhaps for me it was a nutritional problem, because it did occur during a time when I most neglected my eating and other self care issues. Alcohol can really mess with our metabolism and nutritional balance and this can take a while to normalize after quitting, especially if we do not take special care to fix the problems. Have you had an extensive bloodwork / physical recently?

I'm a little bit of a freak when it comes to my hair so I understand... I have been taking daily multivitamins since my early 20's, but stopped for a while (few months) and maybe it was a coincidence but that was when my "dryness" problems occurred most intensely. I would recommend seeing a doctor (maybe also a dermatologist), tell them about your drinking/sobriety, that's the best way to troubleshoot it.
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