If I am up at 5 and tired by 11...Nap time?

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If I am up at 5 and tired by 11...Nap time?

So I signed myself up and having been doing a cross fit boot camp this week (3x a week). I like it, My body feels it, I feel stronger.

Felt so good today I came home did the dishes took the dog on a 3 mile walk. Got most of the ornaments of the tree except for the top I am a shorty.

I have cleaned the house taken out the I'm pooped. I was supposed (by my schedule) get in my art studio today. Now I am so tired.

I have posted in here because I am two people.

First I am an artist, painter, reader, watcher, cooker (was drinker) thinker...

but the other me

The Barre, Spin instructor with 5 classes a week, hot yoga, walk the dog (almost everyday) now I have added the 3 day a week cross-fit, I garden, hike, and lots of DIY...oh my god its sounding like now.

My Point -

My personality is such that if I don't keep busy with some type of project ie all of the above...I stand around like a deer in headlights. My only real way to relax at all was opening the bottle of wine and sitting down.

I am struggling now with doing too much....making myself exhausted and not able to rest or relax. everything has to have a purpose and done full throttle, my drinking was done the same way.

How are some of you dealing with the need to rest ... and feeling resistant and guilty about it?
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It sounds like you're sober, but I'm not sure how long for? I only write that to say if it is early sobriety what you're going through is really normal. Trying to fill in the drinking time with something. Trying to balance. Not sure what to do.

I gotta say, reading your post, you are going to burn out. You are doing too much and probably hurting your goals. That's just my opinion. You need to find a way to relax, and it sounds like that's the issue you are having. I don't really have answers for how to relax and not feel guilty about it.

Maybe force yourself to take a day, and just do that easy hike. Try to take rest days and only walk. Get into those art projects you like and spend a day on them. If you are able to nap do it.

I'm not trying to sound all negative. It sounds like you have some great things going on, you just need to find the balance.
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