Need to make a mind shift

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Need to make a mind shift

Hello! I just happened upon this section and have been spending quite some time reading.

I have been sober for 124 days. Prior to beck if sober I was following a paleo lifestyle but NOT working out. Now that I've been sober I've developed the drive to start working out and have been, regularly. But I've been eating crap! I just can't change my thinking when it comes to food now. I use horrid foods to stave off cravings.

I am starting to think about at the very least cutting out sugars for now. But the same things pop into my head as do when it comes to alcohol. "What about Christmas baking?" "What about my favorite mint cafe mocha?" Blah blah blah.

Has anyone else had this struggle with their diet while on the journey through sobriety? How did you deal with it and change your thinking and lifestyle.

Why can I do it with alcohol and not food?
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This is what I "hear" in your post...that you feel cutting out sugar would be depriving yourself.

Many of us feel that way about alcohol in the beginning, that sobriety will be nothing but a lifetime of deprivation and saying no to ourselves.

It's the same with food. If we focus on missing what we won't have anymore, we find it harder to give up. If we imagine a life minus sugar isn't worth living, we aren't likely to make an effort to live that way.

If/when we see that a different manner of eating is, like sobriety, about what good things we are making room for in our lives, what new choices and freedoms we are allowing ourselves, then we are likely to move forward with a sense of openess and excitement

Taking something out of our life that is harming us, or robbing us of health, isn't's being wonderful to ourselves.
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I just found out recently from an AA friend that when you quit drinking alcohol, you crave sweets. It has something to do with your body is use to having higher levels of sugar. I have been craving & eating a lot of candy but yet still lost my 10 extra pounds this last year.
Smiling, Susie
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I started working out right after I quit drinking because people told me I would crave sugar. Your body changes alcohol to sugar or something along those lines. It started with walking and minor weight lifting to running once I lost some weight. I found my best bet was to eat what I wanted, just in moderation. I did start to eat more healthier overall but would occasionally eat an entire buffalo chicken pizza. Anytime I tried to deny myself something, I ended up wanting it more.
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Sheknits...try leannnning into better eating. Start with picking one meal a day that will be the most healthiest meal you can prepare and make your always eat that meal healthy. I chose breakfast to be that meal. I would eat crap later but I made sure breakfast was the best thing I could create. Even Dr Oz would be impressed. Soon you will find new foods making there way into other meals. Dont stress yourself out if you blow it...have fun with it.
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