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Hi all,

I'm interested in what kinds of supplement you all are taking. I do a general womens multi-vitamin each morning, but I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations or advice. (I am open to herbal supplements as well)
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Well, I'm a male, but yes, I do supplements and have for years. I base with a multi-vitamin and I stack with 14 different individual vitamins based on my needs. I also do creatine and protein. Even before I was sober I did these and even while drinking hard most of my life I only got the common cold about once every 5 or 6 years and even then it wasn't bad. Supplements work.
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Thanks for your input. I'll definatly look further into my options
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Well, I take vitamins and fish oil, saint john's wort as a mild anti-depressant, etc. More recently I've gotten into neutropics because with my usage history I fear I've burnt out a few brain cells. Neutropics are a fairly new class of supplement that enhance and preserve cognitive function, they're neuro-protective (they prevent the decay of brain function), and they WORK. I always felt muddled when not doing my DOC (which varied over the years, but that's another story). Neutropics get my brain running like a well oiled, winterized, relatively high-performing machine. Like oiling the bearings on some sort of mechanical thing (not my strong suit haha). They're not drugs, they don't get you high, they have no addictive properties, but more than any supplement I've ever tried they give me positive results. My memory, mood, wit, everything head related has improved, and that's saying something because I'm a burnt out basket case and haven't been putting in constructive work on myself for a while and it still helped. Imagine if you took them and were actually constructive haha :P

FYI I take alpha brain but that's just a formula of the same stuff you can get elsewhere, I just happen to be a fan of joe rogan and that's his company so I try to support him. All the various elements are available generic and honestly that's probably the better choice economically, I'm just not good at pragmatism.

*Edit before I even post this: trying to find a link I just now realized it's spelled nootropic so as a disclaimer, maybe this stuff doesn't work as well as I claimed :P

Nootropic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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I think it's always a good idea to run any supplements past your Dr - some supplements are not suitable for everyone - especially if you have other pre-existing conditions or are on medications.

at the very least do your research
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i live an active lifestyle and am fairly strict on my diet so i use supplements to fill in the nutritional gaps and replenish anything lost through training.
I take a mens multi (general health), fish oil (good fats for skin, hair, brain development), vitamin C + Lysine + Vitamin B (boost energy & immune system) and St Johns Wort (to help manage anxiety & depression).

Im also looking into herbal remedies for other ailments, mainly to help manage depression and cultivate positivity - things like Blue Lilly, Macca, Skullcap, Gingko, Ginseng, Wild Yam etc.
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Protein shake (about 45g of non-dairy protein)
magnesium (45% of RDA)

A B-complex every few days just because I want it.
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i try to take my vitamins in a capsule form as they seem to absorb better.
Calcium1200 and vitamin D 2500 (rec. by OB-gyno), multi, SAM-e and St.Johns wort
Phosph.Choline and Phosph.Serine (not all the time), vitamin K daily.
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I take a vit B12 supplement every so often, I don't eat meat or dairy, regular blood test show i'm not deficient in anything. Here supplements don't have to prove their claims, the companies are one-upping each other with their claims, they're getting more and more outrageous. People are paying good money to do what is nothing more than expensive ****.

It's cheap and easy to eat a diet that provides all the nutrients you need, if you think you're deficient then get a cheap test and enter your food into CRON-O-Meter: Track nutrition & count calories and fix what ever is broken in your diet. I'll take education over sly marketing by dodgy companies any day of the week.
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I take a multi-vitamin for women over 40, vitiman B12 and Vitamin D. I was also thinking of taking 5HTP, but have to run that thru my doctor first as I am just going off paxil.

I second Dee's advice in talking to your doctor as some pills, especially herbs, can't be taken if you are on certain medications.
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Men's multi-vitamin every day
BCAA + Glutamine (3000mg) reload supplement
Casein protein (25g) + creatine (5g) shake every night
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I've run the gamut of various nutraceuticals over the years. I've had to be mindful of how they interact with the meds I take (dittos to Dee's post above---some don't play nicely at all). My current regime is B-100 in addition to a multivitamin, milk thistle, hawthorn berry, Co-Enzyme Q10 and Omega 3. I also try to supplement an amino (L-Glutamine) with my workouts....
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I'm no doctor or nutritionist - but I run, lift and cycle A LOT and here's what I've found that works for me, from performance, weight-loss/toning and just feel good and & healthy standpoints:

*a women's multi-vitamin designed for active women or energy
*L-Carnitine on an empty stomach, 500mg first thing in the morning & before I go to bed
*green coffee bean extract - 3x a day with food and water
*a thermogenic before workouts like GNC Burn60
* coconut oil, plenty of fiber and protein shakes
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good simple starter list of vitamins

Originally Posted by BCS View Post
I do a general womens multi-vitamin each morning, but I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations or advice.
I used to sell vitamins
these below I think to be very good for the average person

many brands of vitamins that claim they are the best
are just blowing smoke
a common Wal-Mart is a good place to buy reasonably prices vitamins

B Complex
fish oil
calcium, Magnesium, zinc, D -- comes together in one daily pill

iron -- mostly for women only -- too much very bad for men

saw palmetto for men -- for the prostate gland

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Glucosamine to support the structure and function of joints. It's good if doing a lot running.
Whey protein.
Omega 3.
Vitamin c tablets.
Wheatgrass shakes (absolutely disgusting but take them first thing every morning)
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An old citrus grower told me a few years ago to always start the day with a glass of fresh orange juice. He didn't know it but I had been having problems with depression - some googling showed some reports of reduced depression if taking a glass of OJ a day. It could be an old wives tale, but I've been taking a glass of fresh OJ every morning for years and I can't go without it now. Make sure it's fresh though, as close to the tree as you can get it.

I'm also taking a B-complex, an additional 100mg Thiamine supplement, and 1000mg Krill oil every morning, then a general multivitamin every evening.

I routinely have a whey protein + flax oil shake (in skim milk) after work which seemed to reduce my alcohol cravings when that was an issue.
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I would recommend taking a one a day multivitamin, a fish oil, ginko biloba, and biotin
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I'm taking a multi for women, fish oil (liquid), L-Glutamine powder, Orange Oximega Greens, coconut oil, B1, B3, C, D3, Zinc, Milk Thistle, Mag & Calcium, and at night I drink a tea with Chamomile, Skullcap, Valerian plus some other stuff. I just ordered Natural Vitality Calm, a magnesium plus calcium high quality powder that will take the place of my magnesium and calcium pills. I'll probably add some other amino acids soon. Looking into them.
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I was taking a standard multivitamin, B12, and milk thistle most regularly. Pending your age fish oil never hurts either.
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fish oil risk

latest news regarding fish oil supplements

latest test with fish oil and men indicates possibly prostate cancer risk


By Steven Reinberg
HealthDay Reporter

WEDNESDAY, July 10 (HealthDay News) -- Eating a lot of oily fish or taking potent fish oil supplements may increase a man's risk of developing prostate cancer, new research suggests.

Moreover, marine sources of omega-3 fatty acids may also raise the risk for aggressive prostate cancer, according to the study by scientists at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle.

"These anti-inflammatory omega-3s were associated with a 43 percent increased risk for prostate cancer overall, and a 71 percent increased risk in aggressive prostate cancer," said study lead author Theodore Brasky, a research assistant professor at Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center in Columbus, who was at Hutchinson at the time of the study.
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