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Hey everyone, 5 and a half months sober now and program-wise I'm doing great. Physically I'm shot. I never had migraines before I got sober but man, it is easier to count the hours in the day that I feel good and almost impossible to think of a single day I have felt like myself in a couple months. My head swims, tension headache wraps around my noodle, I get sick to my stomach, my eyes are sore and water, my body tingles and I get really odd sweats. I feel like I'm half here and trapped behind some wall in my head.

As far as drinking goes, it is a miracle. I am doing wonderful. Sponsor, daily contact with him, 4-5 meetings a week, reading the book and working the steps. Great friends in the fellowship and a supportive family. I imagine if I could do something about these f-ing migraines I would feel pretty dang good!

I am on a beta blocker for them but I'm not a medication kind of person. I would rather work on them with lifestyle changes like diet, exercise, hydration and meditation rather than shoving pills in my body creating more mess. Anyone out there been through something similar in recovery?
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Not personally but I do have friends who see Chiropractors and acupuncturists because they don't want to ingest medications. Eastern medicine can be a wonderful option.
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I see a neurologist for my migraines but I've had them since I was 16. Can you talk to your doc about it? It may be something else.
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Girlfriend, I feel your pain. No, I mean literally. I've been getting them for about 6-7 years. And I DID go see a neurologist. He gave me a beta-blocker, too, that didn't seem to do much but what he SAID that was ENORMOUSLY helpful. In women it's usually hormones so try to look at where in the cycle you are when you get them. You also might need to change your diet quite a bit. Over the years I have discovered that my main triggers include chocolate, too much salt, too much sugar and artificial sweeteners. Also if my sleep is off or I haven't drank enough water.
You can try modifying these as they are actually very common triggers. It's VERY frustrating and VERY slow work keeping your body on an even balance, but it's also a REAL chance for me to be IN TUNE with what my body is saying. I just try to listen and note how I feel if I've eaten too much of one thing or another.
Over the years I have stopped smoking, stopped eating processed and refined foods, started keeping more regular hours, drinking tons of water, etc... All of which have been fantastic for my health!
Don't say no to the beta-blockers if they're working for you... at least for the moment. All I can say for their frequency is that yeah, I had them A LOT 6 or 7 years ago, then I started cutting stuff out until now I only get them when I do something stupid... and I can ALWAYS feel when they're coming, AND they're not nearly as severe.
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The newest news from the doc is that it may be one of the following: Overdose of the beta-blocker; withdrawals from the trazodone during the day or I have something upstairs in my brain that shouldn't be up there. So...step one I am off the beta-blocker, next week off the trazodone and then I get my head scanned.

Anyway, off to see Flight with some guys from the fellowship.
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Aged cheese is another migraine trigger.
I have these migraines too, but I get "the aura" in advance, which gives me enough time to get my medications swallowed and working.
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