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Hello again All,

Its hard to follow kicking asphalt without more background. Would the main players mind giving me a quick intro in their spare time. Mine is as follows

34 year old with heavy drinking history for 15 years. Really heavy the last five. Running is second passion. Currently using SR, counseling, diet, exercise, and meditation to make running and sobriety my passions. 3 days since deciding to really quit. 3 days has always been easy. for me, days 4 and beyond was when I fell. However, I feel oddly secure at the moment with my new diet, wife, and support. Currently trying to build a safe training base for a marathon but will settle for a half if old injuries hold me back. Also love to hike in the white mountains here in the northeast. Great to be here.

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Wonder, if you become a regular on KA you will get to know people, but hopefully some of them join in here.

I'm a 36 year old male. DOC was alcohol. I got a couple years of sobriety.

I like a wide range of exercises including body weight, oly lifts, running, rope climbs and many other things. I follow a Paleo diet.
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Hi Wonderful, welcome aboard. I'm an on and off regular on the KA thread and yes lately there has been a more new people (which is a good thing!) so it's hard to keep up with everyone.

I'm a 55 yr old female with nearly 5 yrs sobriety drank for 30+ yrs with the last 10 very heavy and problematic, after nearly succeeding in killing myself I just decided to stop drinking and I did, read some self help books, prayed a lot and found new things to do, 1 of which was working out at a gym (didn't start that until nearly 3 yrs sober) became quit a gym rat for a while but have been slacking off last couple of months, I also regularly do yoga. I eat mostly a vegetarian and gluten free diet. If you haven't already you should check out the "Healthy Eating Support Group" thread that the honorable Mr. Ghostly started and keeps going for us it's worth your time.
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Alright. 52 y/o woman, here. Drank for 30 years. I'll have 4 years sober next month...and it is one of the things I'm most proud of. Probably the most important thing, truth be told.

Not sure I'd still be sober without this place. This place let me know that I wasn't alone. Things I was thinking/feeling....were quite normal.

Good thread...hope more people join.
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Thanks. I'm a teacher, so getting to know people helps me to relate better.
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