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things helping me

Hello All,

Also posted this in newbies section. Thought I would send it down here too.

Thanks for your welcome earlier. I know medical advice cannot be given but I would like to share some studies and personal advice on what is helping me.

1. Meditation: A proven adjunct to addiction therapy. Focus deeply on your logic center (minds eye, forehead etc..) or anything else that helps you. It is a powerful tool in the tool box.

2. Exercise: It just works. Vigorous exercise grows new neurons that are not yet exposed to alcohol. think of them as building a new army of sober brain cells.

3. Taurine: Unfortunately linked to energy drinks, its is a naturally occuring amino acid that is cheap. found online or in health food stores. Studies have shown that it cures fatty liver disease in obese children and alcohol induced liver damage in rats. I feel that it reduces my afternoon cravings just enough to get out and exercise and be safe for the night (not always, but again, just a tool)

4. Turmeric: Reduced alcohol liver damage in rats. also just a great supplement for inflammation which alcohol is doing to every cell in our body, especially our heart and blood vessels.

5. Even when I wake up after drinking, I force myself to smile, be greatful, and begin the day fresh. No self loathing. no dissapointment or remorse. As though I was given a fresh day.

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