Inspiring Stories about Sobriety and Weight Loss?

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Inspiring Stories about Sobriety and Weight Loss?

Hi Friends! I am new to The SoberRecovery Community.

I am on day two of sobriety and I have so much energy!

I used to be very involved in exercising and eating healthy, but as the stress and booze took me over during undergrad and also in grad school, I have struggled getting my mojo back, when it comes to losing the weight I have put on due to drinking a 6 pack of beer most nights.

I know the last time I quit, I had more enthusiasm for working out, and I lost quite a bit of weight, it felt great to fit into my old jeans and for my stomach not to hurt.

But I was wondering if people have stories to share about how sobriety changed how they felt about their bodies, health and over all self image! (:

Looking forward to some inspiring shares!


Ms. Neena Thurman
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to SR.
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Welcome to SR! Glad you are here!
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Welcome to SR!

My sobriety was triggered by my intense desire to complete a half marathon run (12km). I could not drink and make it through my training runs. It *really* hurt to run hungover even a little bit.

I am sober 14 months and have completed 5 half marathons and lost 10 pounds and gained significant muscle through cross training. I am a 45 year old woman.

I have this intense inner pride that I can run 2.5 hours without stopping, under my own power.

It has changed my inner perspective about myself from a Victim who couldn't make god things happen in my life to Athlete.

Recovery rocks.
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I am coming up to one year sober. Got a lot of sugar cravings early in sobriety but decided 2 months ago to start eating raw food as a way of breaking the sugar habit, losing weight and detoxing my body.

I have lost a lot of weight my attitude to food has changed. The stiffness in my joints has gone. I have loads of energy. I did 100 Kms 4 day bike ride at an elevation of over 3thousand meters early on sobriety.
I now buy clothes that flatter my shape not hide the bulges.
I am 58 and am fitter more energized look better than ever.
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Welcome to SR Neena

I'm only a few months sober but I've already lost half a stone. Unlike you I had no energy in early recovery and have done no exercise except walking a bit, and I'm still eating a ton of chocolate...which I never did when I was drinking. I'm looking forward to what I can achieve when I start exercising properly. x
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