Getting Rid of the Coffee

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Getting Rid of the Coffee

Ok, sometimes I'm a little slow on the uptake. On my days off I drink regular coffee all day long, eat, drink more coffee, eat, etc...and wonder why I am getting so large around the middle...well duh! The caffeine makes me want to eat anything that isn't nailed down! Caffeine also raises cortisol levels which in turn cause fat to be stored in the mid section. I'm a busy person and exercise most days of the week, but I know this is the reason for my burgeoning waistline is my last cup of coffee. I don't even think I will drink decaf as it even has small amounts of caffeine. I'm not much of a soda drinker except for the occasional diet 7up. I enjoy herbal teas and water.

I know I will probably have a whopper of a headache tomorrow and feel like poo, but I have to say goodbye to the caffeine.
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My best to you in your efforts. I was easily a pot a day guy and then cold turkeyed and made three years then went to an AA meeting and that was a major coffee trigger. Now I must disassociate meetings from coffee. Its like a knee jerk reaction. God, grant me the serenity not to pour from the pot.
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anew (04-01-2012)
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Good luck you brave soul. Giving up caffeine would be like giving up dairy for me. It can't be done. I wish you the best of luck.
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That's a very brave thing to do!

I was thinking of tapering down my intake, and eventually working my way down to herbal teas. It's hard right now - I work shiftwork, and I have coworkers constantly doing 'Timmys runs' (Canadians will understand this) for the team.
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anew (04-02-2012)
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Oh Boy. Well, I'm awake but didn't sleep well at all. Need toothpicks to keep my eyelids open. Perhaps I will taper down as quitting cold turkey isn't realistic for me. Thanks for the replies. Everyone have a great day!
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I give up coffee for most of Lent... 40 days a year. I work nightshift so it is not the easist thing to do. During that time I drink Mcdonald's unsweetened iced tea.
Am I better off drinking the tea or the plain coffee?
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Typical day
Mornings: half a pot of strong coffee after working out.
Mid day: 2 green teas in office or iced tea from one of those sugar free packets.
Mid afternoon: strong espresso.
Evening: cup (or two) of mint tea.
In the refrigerator: I dilute an envelope of lemon lime C-light to a gallon of water and drink it whenever I feel like, including at home, at the gym or just driving around.

I am not one bit worried about caffeine, but I am worried about all the Sweet and Low crap I consumed daily with it. Any one has the true lowdown on artificial sweeteners? Is one better than other, or are they all bad? There are a 1000 different opinions in the internet.
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Try Stevia for a sugar substitute. It is very good and natural. It is from the Stevia plant.
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ive been feeling lately like i need to cut back drastically on my coffee intake. i drink it all day long. today i was able to get by on only one and a half cups though. majorly upped my water instead, not as tasty though sigh

Midgetcop, ill take a large double double please! LOL
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i never thought of giving up coffee, or to rephrase, i never wanted to give up coffee. just don't have the will power yet. i'm now 17 months active with AA and it seems my evident cross addiction is cafe americano venti from starbucks and rockstar energy drink. It's been so weird that at nights, i sleep better when I have a hot cup of black home brewed verona right before bedtime. i know it would take its toll and i got to stop someday because of hyperacidity, i'll take it one day at a time. right now i'm focused with continuing sobriety living an alcohol free life.
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I've just cut down to one cup a day from about the equivalent of four or five espressos throughout the day. Not really seeing much difference yet. I make it at home like clockwork, this morning I had a latte from Starbuck's and felt like I was going nuts for about two hours, holy cow. Definitely need to stick to the home brew. That way I can have it just the way I like it anyhow: italian stovetop over ice with almond milk.
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I wish you all the best.
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