Mmmm sugar...just let it happen. lol

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Mmmm sugar...just let it happen. lol

I'm on day 2 of my second attempt at abstinence the past week or so. This time I wanted to try something more comprehensive by adding daily exercise and improved diet. Well, I got a good workout at the gym tonight, came home and had some cauliflower(snack) and now I'm mowing down some gummi bears thinking, "shhhh, just let it happen, the sugar is soooo gooood." lol Oh and maybe I had a few Starbursts earlier...shhhhh, don't tell anyone.

What's the best way to tackle sugar cravings in early recovery? Fruit???
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Ghostly (10-10-2011)
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Cut it out, and stick to it for 30 days. I mean all sucrose, stuff in dressing, condiments...everything. Fruit will NEVER taste so good to you. I remember craving, and grazing, on strawberries. Plus, you will find you are not crashing all the time. If you do 30 days, you may make it more permanent.

Some other advice - If your snack to replace sugar is cauliflower, you will never make it. There are plenty of healthy, and / or, sugar free snacks that are actually satisfying.

Just IMHO. Welcome to this part of SR. Fellow Wisconsinites are even more welcome!

Hopefully Topspin chimes in!
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topspin (10-17-2011)
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Ghost is spot on. The first half of the year I did no sugar except for a 'treat' once a week. After a month, I didn't even want the treat. My weight naturally went down. I felt better. I ran better.

I've let it go and now I can just feel the difference. Must have needed this thread today. I'm back on it.

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Ghostly (10-11-2011), topspin (10-17-2011)
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What Ghost mentioned about researching the ingredients is really important IMHO.

Alcohol is pretty obvious , but sucrose ( not so easy at all )

There's an added moral (or ethical) reason not to use any refined sucrose .....for me.
Learning of the brutality involved in it's short history reinforces my conviction.

Also, standing by helplessly; ....and seeing how it's devestated the health of family members

if Karma is really in play, well; .....increases in sucrose consumption <per capita> ....even in the last 10 years might be proof.

Sometimes I wonder if it's not some cruel "thinning out" of the herd.

i guess evolution is by definition , kind of cruel.

Even with what I believe about the dangers of sucrose,'s WAY more important to tackle alcohol addiction/ or abuse initially. IMHO.

Staying focused, and not giving in to " oh, I ended up (smoking, eating a box of ______ " yesterday, so I my as well have a drink (or 6) now. Drawing that line in the sand about booze is more <WAY MORE> critical initially.

Although nowadays, I try to use any cravings for sucrose as a sort of "alarm"

Like, WTH's going on with me (mentally) that's bringing on the thought in the first place!?

Usually it's just as simple as not eating enough fruit for several days.

...not real complicated
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Ghostly (10-18-2011)
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Sucrose is just table sugar, right topspin? There's so many sweeteners it gets confusing sometimes. Sucrose, glucose, fructose, sucralose, etc. And sucrose would then be the stuff injected into junkfoods...well, maybe that's more high fructose corn syrup, which I've heard is awful too. I just like my stevia leaf sweeteners. lol
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Oh and sorry, I was AprilMay1895 before and now I'm flyawayfromhere...don't ask. LOL
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