What have drugs done to your appearance? &

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Question What have drugs done to your appearance? &

What have drugs done to your appearance? & What have you done or are you doing now to reverse the damage?

I am a young adult at 23 and I quit using meth about 8 months ago. Recently I have gained back my energy and motivation to move out of the hole I was in and start to progress. I am finally free of drugs and I want my life back! I have been a alcoholic & addict for 3 years and you can tell on my face. I don't look OLD but I don't have perfect skin anymore, it's more rough and I have a lot of bumps / blackheads that are most likely from using. My hair is okay, although it's not growing very fast and it's thin. I am little chubby from weight gain after quitting drugs. I am working out but I have belly fat that will not go away! It was not there before the drug use. I am just really depressed about my appearance and would like any guidance or advice on how to look my age again, specifically my skin. How do I look youthful again after using drugs/meth? Thank you guys.
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Hi, Bree! Welcome to SR.

In my opinion, getting and staying sober is huge in a healthier appearance. Then after awhile, you start taking care of You....and it kind of moves up another notch.

There are all kinds of benefits to sobriety....appearance is just the beginning.
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It just takes time. Our bodies have an amazing ability to heal themselves when given a chance. Focus on staying sober, incorporate healthy living (reasonable diet, sleep, moderate excercise) into your daily routine, and it will all come together. It still makes me cringe when I see pictures of myself before I got sober, but I can't change what happened I can only do what's right now.

Hang in there - sobriety is its own reward.
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Nothing outward really, but my guts are pretty messed up from the narcotics.

What works best for me, treating my body with respect. I put healthy fuel into it, work the muscles in it, drink enough water for it and let it do it's job. Things still break sometimes. My knee might go out, I might get a little backed up, my back aches sometimes but those are so small in the big picture. I can keep my head up these days, and I feel good about who I am so I smile more, laugh more and play more. Those things make me feel better, and when I feel better, I know I look better.
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it's true what they say, we are what we eat.

when I was drinking heavily, I lost almost 50% of my was coming out of my head and clogging the has taken almost 10 months to grow back, but i'm grateful it has.

your belly fat most likely is from lack of exercise and a poor diet...along with rough would most likely benefit from a good multi-vitamin, extra Bs and if you are strong enough start with some weight-bearing exercise reps...strengthen your back and your abs.

I can suggest a deep cleanse for your pores (maybe a light steam) and lots of water...IDK if you are worried about expense, but a visit to a dermatolagist? I sometimes use a clay mask you can get at the drugstore and steam first then apply it to draw out the blackheads.

congrats on your sobriety!!! i'm so glad you feel better.
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I was thinking about this today, how my quitting drinking and smoking indirectly affected my exercise and diet and thus my appearance. It's been almost a year now and I have lost 50 pounds since quitting. This has to do with the fact that when I was abusing substances exercise was downright hellish. Now I enjoy the way I feel during and after my workouts plus I am a lot more active in general. I feel like I'm floating instead of plodding around. Also food tastes better when you quit these nasty things so stuff like veggies taste really really good and the processed stuff kind of loses it's appeal. With my new and improved diet my skin looks 100 pct better to the point where people who do not know about my whole lifestyle change say I look 10 years younger. This I do have to say has taken a long long time, 90 days of sobriety was just scratching the surface. Hopefully I will continue to see improvements. Unfortunately though, I am balding, and my hairline continues it's cowardly retreat.
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