My start point

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My start point

Hi guys. I am 16 days sober! It's been wonderful. I have felt better (mentally) than I have in a loooong time. Having said that, I still feel really bad physically. I weight 260 pounds. Yikes. 7 years ago I weighted 165 pounds, was running mini marathons, teaching fitness classes, and was able to run at 7.5 mph for 45 minutes on the treadmill.

Alcoholism has really kicked my ass over the past 7 years and I feel like I want to start working on my health. The easierst way I've ever lost weight is on the Sommersize program. It basically eliminates simple sugars and caffine. It gets your body to a point where it has no choice but to burn fat.

My plan is to resume that tomorrow. Basically I will eat a carb breakfast (cherrio's w/ skim milk) and then go low carb the rest of the day. I can still eat fruit and veggies, just no bread and potato's.

This may sound odd, but my primary focus is to stay sober. I feel like my current diet which is coffee, cigs, fast food, pizza, and candy is making me feel like crap. The goal for quitting drinking was to feel good, not bad. I do feel better mentally, but physically, I do not feel good.

I am looking for anyone's advice on how to maintain a good low carb lifestyle. To me, lunch seems to be the biggest challenge. For dinner I can make steak, chicken, pork chops with salad and veggies. That sounds good and is doable. For lunch, it seems like all I can do is get a salad at a fast food place, or bring something from home.

Any advice or tips would be MUCH appreciated. I also plan on working out 4 times per week and drinking a ton of water...

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Welcome to the forum, reggie and congratulations on your 16 days!

I think in early sobriety....making that your first focus. Don't get to wrapped up in doing too many things.....right now....just stay sober and the rest will come.

You're right...exercise and eating right really does help you feel better.

There is a fitness thread with lots of good support....hope you check in there as well.
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When I am eatin right I am focusing on meat, veggies and fruit. I lose weight and feel better. Seems like this is close to what you want to do. I avoid grains. I would suggest for you not to worry so much about carbs, but worry bout where you get carbs from. You need carbs for energy. Get em from veggies and fruit...not breads and grains. Sweet potatoes are a good pre work out food. Just my opinion.

Like coffee wrote though...Sobriety should be your number 1 priority! Good luck and keep us posted.
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reggiewayne (12-24-2010)
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Way to go! You may have some success looking at Adkins foods. They seem to meet your criteria.

Keep up the good work!
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I always bring my lunch to long as there is a microwave you are good to go. check out the low sodium veg. soups in the stores...I always add extra broth and extra veggies into them.

i think you can also find low carb wraps for sandwiches that you can make with leftovers from your dinner the night before.
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Ghostly (01-03-2011)
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I actually do have a bit of knowledge on this sort of stuff. I have a degree in exercise physiology, then got certified in basic nutrition, THEN went back to school for nursing. Ironic that I ended up here, but I did.
There are a lot of approaches you can take to losing weight, but drastic approaches tend to be less effective. What I mean by a drastic approach is doing a complete overhaul all at once of your diet. My mentor told me not to "wear out all the tools right away". In other words start off tweeking the diet in 2 week intervals. For example... start off by making healthier food choices and concentrate on that for 2 weeks. Get comfortable knowing what good carbs and bad carbs are, what bad fat and healthy fats are, good lean sources of protein (but of course the occasional steak for a treat). Just by cleaning the food choices up in those 2 weeks you will most likely drop a few pounds. Then practice NOT eating starchy/sugary carbs (fruits, potatoes, breads, cereals, pastas, ect.) after 5pm (then maybe even 3pm depending on your sleep/wake cycle). Then you can move on to timing of food intake. Eat every 2-3 hours (6 or 7 small meals a day) to maintain blood/sugar levels. Good complex carbs before a workout, fruit and protein after. There is a lot you can do. But start simple.... I have a feeling this post is a little confusing, but if you need help feel free to message me.
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Jack, I don't think your post is confusing at all....makes perfect sense.

Hope you'll stop in the fitness daily....lots of good discussions there.

Welcome to SR, too!
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Kilt, welcome to the forum!
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