How long for skin conditions to improve?

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How long for skin conditions to improve?

I've been reading online and trying to find out how long into being sober can I expect my skin conditions to improve?

I drank very heavy for 4-5 years and within the past 6months to a year my skin has become red, irritated, blotchy, not sure how to explain it really. It's not real noticable but really bothers me.

I'm only 8 days sober and havent seen any improvement. How long into living a sober life did you see improvements in this area?
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My skin cleared up remarkably after about a month of not drinking. It continued to get better the longer I abstained from alcohol. Hang in there. Your body didn't break down overnight, and it won't clear up overnight either. As with many things, it just takes time.
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I am 45 days, my skin was really red (I mean really). It is now getting less and less red, I think it is improving, wish of course it would go faster
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At Day 29 today, Skin has made big improvements especially in the past week. As Suki mentioned, it took a lot of work to mess our bodies up as much as we have, it's going to take time for them to get better.

The amazing thing about the human body is that it is as resilient as it it. The fact that I've been poisoning myself for 20 years and I'm still alive and in relatively good health is a miracle. Go easy on yourself:-)
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Skin Blotches

Been sober a mere 7 days, however the red blotches starting to go already. They were a bit sore over my shoulders and arms. I can still see them a bit, but can feel them less. My skin feels noticably smoother, and its not the Nivea!

Keep it up, your skil well get a lot better. Make sure you hydrate - lots of water.

Good luck!

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Everytime I drink (drank) I'd get blotched skin. Friends would point that out to me but I kind off ignored it.
I don't have it when sober, so that's good.
You can take some vitamin supplements to cleanse your liver and skin also (skin is an organ too). Talk about it with your doctor, I always take milk thistle+Vit plus+Aloe Vera.

all the best
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It`s been 10 days for me and I see improvement in my skin! It`s less red and broken-veiney looking, smoother and softer and lines/wrinkles less deep. I wash 2X a day w/mild soap (ivory or dove, etc) and apply moisture/firming cream on whole face and a bit of benzo peroxide on chin. I take vitamins and drink TONS of water too.
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