Don't forget Cardio and watch that blood pressure(BP)

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Don't forget Cardio and watch that blood pressure(BP)

I see alot of weight lifters ignore cardio or only do a few days a week. With weight lifting especially you can temporalily raise your BP with a pump or while the body is pumping more blood into an area to recooperate.

As someone who has lived and worked in cold and hot enviorments I always found that the better cardio vascular conditioning I had the better my body dealt with the weather hot or cold. One of the ways the body regulates temprature is to circulate blood to give or take heat away from an area. High BP prevents that.

I've also noticed that weight lifters who use a lot of caffeine and stimulant filled drinks also have high BP. Have one family member basically misusing the sport drinks and other supplements with already high BP constanlty complaining how hot or cold it is. He's also had several circulation related injuries where fluids have accumulated and needed medical attention.

Don't forget to do cardio and watch that BP or blood pressure.

Sorry about using the abbreviation BP for blood pressure,right now they are causing alot of people alot of high b p.
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