sports and alcoholism?

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sports and alcoholism?

hey friends!
i am almost recovered now so i thought to give my body a healthy shape and i started some sports for that. but i have noticed that my stamina is very low and i usually get tired really early. does this mean i am not fully recovered?

what else am i supposed to do now?
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I don't think it means you're not recovered. I just think it means you're out of shape. If we don't work out for a long time our body gets out of shape FAST! And it takes a while to get back in shape. I played spots all throughout highschool and my freshmen year in college but after I quit I've found my stamina to be MUCH lower. Even when I was playing sports, when I got back from pre-season in the fall I'd be dying because I'd gotten out of shape during the summer. Just keep going the gym and slowly increasing your work outs and you'll be surprised how easily you get into better shape. I used to by a gymnast but I doubt I could do much of what I used to be able to do because it has been so long since I've been in that kind of physical shape. Getting our bodies into the physical shape they used to be in is gonna take some work but it can be done. If you can afford it maybe you can get a trainer. If not then most cardio machines have a personal trainer option that will help you build stamina and automatically control the speed/incline.
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Just because your sober doesn't mean you get to automatically be in top form. You gotta work for that. Take is slow and easy.
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Also keep track of what your eating, your body is a machine and bad food is like putting sugar in the gas tank.
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How old are you, what is your bmi, which sports are you participating in? If it ha been a while and/or are a little older/out of shape communicate this to your doc and get a physical. Also; regardless of which sports you participate in, get a heart rate monitor and try to get your heart rate to around 120 3-4 times per week. You will develope a great endurance base level of fitness that will to work with. Takes about a couple of weeks to really notice.
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Thanks guys for helping....I guess i shouldn't get disappointed and keep working slowly and steadily
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