I'm falling apart...

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I'm falling apart...

So I'm generally a nutrition nut. I eat right - organic foods, purified water etc, I'm well-hydrated, I excercise, and have been doing a detox program to help me with getting built up toxins out of my system. And suddenly a LOT of health issues are surfacing. Everything from acne to panic attacks and back to a bacterial infection and over to a few vitamin deficiencies (vitamins I take too, its like I'm not absorbing them). I've tried upping a few dosages and altering a few things to accomodate the issues but to no avail just yet. I take it this is pretty normal for droppping the alcohol all of a sudden? Any ideas or suggestions?
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No medical advice here, but just some support and to let you know that we are all here for you as you practice a new behavior: patience. The good news is that "this too shall pass": the bad (really, nothing is so bad once you're sober) is that you are just going to have to sit tight. The panic attacks are the worst, but just keep doing what you're doing by taking gentle care, and I mean this holistically: Eat right (which you're already doing}. treat yourself to long walks, treat yourself to a treat like a combo mani-pedi (since you're not spending the $ on stash anymore), and read the stories in the back of the BB to pass the time and help you reflect on this very positive life choice you've made. But more than anything, KEEP IT IN THE DAY. It's "just for today," sweetie, and you can most definitely do that (even if it's a minute or hour at a time).
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i went to get my first haircut in 4 months last week....and my hairdresser made me aware of massive hair shedding.....which i've been told has been experienced by others....i'm on sober day #42....have switched my vitamins around and added iron...a good diet was non-exisitant for almost 2 months before I stopped drinking...and i think the hair loss was the result.

glad to say i am n o longer pulling hugh amounts from my comb or the drain..but i think it will take 6-8 months to grow back. for some reason, this has freaked me out the MOST...and makes me realize how much damage i've done to my body.
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