Please don't take my food away

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Please don't take my food away

My parents are trying to get me to eat whole grain everything, no chocolate, no sugar, less calories, go for runs. Its TOO MUCH. Its too big of a change. I'm a thin in shape girl, no acne and I'm happy with the way I look but my parents think, all of a sudden, I'm eating like a pig and they don't want me to be unhealthy.
I love love love my sweets and giant meals, I just can't part with all these foods they're saying have too many calories or too much fat.
I feel like they're invading something I love. Is this weird?
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How old are you? If you're a teenager and an "in-shape girl," I am all for letting you eat what you want (within reason), because you are still growing. Nutrition is important, but all this focus on restricting food may be a recipe for an eating disorder (of some sort) down the line. I'm not saying this to scare either you or your parents, and I am presenting an extreme consequence only.

Be the mature young woman that you are and talk to your parents CALMLY about how you feel. You parents need to learn to pick their battles--food should not be one of them. Their primary concerns should be your emotional health, your education, and ensuring that they are doing all they can do to ensure a happy, secure future for you.

By the way, do you have addiction issues? I am curious as to why you are on a sober recovery site.
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Hello there,

What was your drug of choice and how long have you been sober? The reason why I ask is that during early recovery, people tend to fill the void of their drug of choice with food, cigarettes or coffee. There is nothing wrong with eating sweets and your meals right now. The more important thing is to concentrate on your recovery.

Your parents probably dont understand what you are going through, especially during early recovery. I have read and heard that a lot of alcoholics crave sweets after they stop drinking. I guess it has something to do with the fact that alcohol has sugar content in it so they eat in order to substitute.

Do you have a sponsor? If you do, maybe I would suggest enlightening your parents with some information. Some people do get carried away with their substitution after quitting their drug of choice. I met a buddy in meeting who gained 80lbs from eating after he quit drinking. Now he has a health issue of being over-weight. Anyways, you know yourself the best so just in moderation. Good luck with the parents.
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No, they are trying to help you. A good diet and exercise are two of the key ingredients to any recovery, but especially to a good life.
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Perhaps this is her way of getting back at you for going to that Alanon meeting because her feelings are hurt and she is in denial of her drinking problem.
Maybe she is truly concerned about your diet.
I think that you should try to negotiate with her so that you can continue to enjoy the things that you like in moderation while trying to develop healthier eating patterns that will serve you well as you start to age and your metabolism slows so that a non balanced diet begins to treat you gad.
Good luck with everything.
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Weeeell, its nice that you all are concerned of any addictions but I'm not on this site for drinking or drug abuse. Its a family member that is the alcoholic. Looking at this problem at a psychological point of view, I am not eating because of any lack of communication between my parents, nor am I eating from recovery of anything.
I am a growing girl (although my doctor says I wont be getting much taller than I am now) and I do small work outs here and there so I find myself to be fairly fit. I've never yelled or argued with my parents so when we do speak, it is in a calmly, mature fashion. Although what I am afraid of, much like Viavai mentioned, is that I might be addicted to food.
I rarely snack on foods but I normally have very large portions of food. Ever since I joined this site, I'm beginning to think what I have is a small addiction. Although this might all be made up in my head. How can I tell the difference?
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theyre just blimmin jealous. i have huge complications with that food but if your not, i would be alittle envious too! :P
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Royaume, if you dont mind me asking, how old are you? If you are still in your teens, that fine line of overeating is a little higher, however, if you are a bit older, that fine line is a bit lower. When speaking of lower, I mean eating less. I used to be a personal trainer/dietician and many of my clients would simply overeat. A lot of the times they were just not informed on how many calories were in the proportions of foods they were eating. When you mentioned that you think you might be addicted to food, are you using food as an escape from something? Although i'm an alcoholic, I admit that I love to eat when I'm bored. I just snack a lot which is something I try to control. On the other hand, I am also a biathlete (running/swimming races) and I end up burning a lot of calories throughout the day. In the end, it's all about control and moderation with food. Maybe you could take a nutrition class at a jr. college or even at your school. They will teach you the basics of nutrition. I'm sure if you approach your parents with this idea, they'll appreciate the fact that you are acknowledging their concerns and probably nag you less but parents just nag in general. I know my parents still nag. Good luck!
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