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First timer

After many years I have joined Weight Watchers. I started at 315 pounds and I currently am at 269. I started at a 50 in. in the waist and currenlty am at 42. I walk 3 days a week 3 miles each time. I work out on an Eliptical for 30 min at level 7 3 days a week. Do sit ups and the bow flex work out rotating body parts. I drink 10 bottles of water a day. I try to get my food groups in each day. I have been at it since Feb 15.

My question is...Is there any thing I can do to move the weight off faster/healthy way. Also at 269 5ft 11 in am I too heavy to jog without hurting my knees, ankles ect. Thanks
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Originally Posted by huntsober View Post
I have been at it since Feb 15.

My question is...Is there any thing I can do to move the weight off faster/healthy way. Also at 269 5ft 11 in am I too heavy to jog without hurting my knees, ankles ect. Thanks
Sounds to me like the weight IS coming off fast! It's best not to be in too much of a hurry because it will also stay off better if you don't lose too fast. You can try to build up muscle by lifting weights, and you could probably add an extra 5 minutes more of walking each week. But don't push yourself too much or you might end up getting tired of the routine, and you don't want to do that.
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Originally Posted by huntsober View Post
My question is...Is there any thing I can do to move the weight off faster/healthy way.
Whoa slow down now!! Geez, your progress is amazing, give yourself a huge pat on the back for those 46lbs and stay focused, it will come off in time. I agree with poppy that it's best not to lose it too fast, keep it interesting and fun and you'll stick with it.

I started Weight Watchers around the beginning of this year and I'm thrilled with the 34lbs I've lost so far. I love what I eat, and most days I really can appreciate the way I look and the progress I've made.

I have bad knees too so I can't jog/run, I too use an elliptical when I exercise and I enjoy many other physical activities like hiking, running, swimming, walking, and bicycling. Anything works for me as long as I'm constantly giving my metabolism a boost.

OK so this post has been a good reminder to me to get off my butt and get back on an exercise routine, I've been a little complacent lately.
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Hi Hunt,

The new WW program is great. You did not gain the weight over night and won't lose it that way either. One thing to keep in mind is your body does not start to lose fat until after 20 minutes. If you have the time I would try some type of cardio 1 hour everyday. For me weights came after. I lost my weight about 13 years ago. Regained some when I started drinking alcoholically and have since joined ww to lose it. Lifetime member now.
Also I find a pedometer helps. I wear it everyday as I walk to work and do errands at lunch. I try for 10,000 steps a day. Good luck you are doing it-like anything it takes time.
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If you lose too quickly, the WW online program scolds you!! My progress is much slower than when I first started, but I am happy to still be going in the right direction=)

Oh, and I first joined with a friend, 23 year old male. he was losing 10 pounds a week, and when I would get frustrated at my 1-2 pounds, I would show him the posts on people who lose too quickly not being able to maintain as well. He is back up to his starting weight, I am down 57 pounds as of today
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I agree with what everybody is saying. You are already losing weight fast. If you don't allow the weight to change gradually, your skin won't be able to adjust and will just be hanging on a smaller frame. Cardio helps increase your metabolism especially if done in the morning. I would love to be able to run myself but can't because of my damaged knee. But you can actually "run" on an elliptical. I go 10-12 MPH or above for sprints. But also start gradually there and choose enough resistance to be able to go fast safely.
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