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I am so sick with codependency that I am physically and psychologically and emotionally sick when I am left alone. I feel I literally suffer withdrawals when my family members leave! My children are grown but I was used to talking to them everyday and helping raise my grand babies. Now due to “texting” I feel more isolated than ever because no one wants to talk anymore. I am hating this stage of my life. I just thought we would always be a part of each other’s lives.
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I feel much the same as you do. My children both check in with me about once maybe twice a week. A lot of it is by text. It has grown into a whole new way of interacting with others. I find it ironic (and yes, hurtful) that no one seems to pick the phone up just to chat. Another thing that irks me is you can be eating out in public and there are a lot of families that have nothing to say to one another, kids on their phones texting or listening to music. Such a shame in this day of high technology we are more alone than ever before. I'm retired now and had I known it would be so isolating I would have preferred to work! [We] need to volunteer, join a group, take classes, go to church, etc. to keep from feeling lonely. It really is up to us to get something else going on.
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Hi, Rmy.
Yah, texting.
Family members check in with me via texting, but I’m actually okay with it, as I am not much for talking on the phone.
I found that volunteering for a cause in which I believe strongly helped me to meet like minded people.
Also, I have a part time job that I enjoy.
Good luck.
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Originally Posted by Rmy View Post
I just thought we would always be a part of each other’s lives.
I've thought that as well (that is, with my grown kids). I know mine are busy working and taking care of business and I am grateful they are ok and am happy for them. But sometimes, I sure do miss them being around.

Mine communicate mostly via text messages as well.
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