Praying for a Bottom

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Praying for a Bottom

Put my son on a plane this morning to go to another treatment center; this one out of state. After spending a week in jail (because I would not bail him out) he said he was ready to go back to treatment. So hard to trust an addict tho. I pray he was serious and not just wanting out of jail. Praying he realizes he has so many legal issues to deal with and starting off by being in recovery will help. Hope he has finally reached his bottom. He said looking around at his situation while in jail proved to him that was not where he wanted to be. When is a parent able to have that hope again??
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You never stop hoping but you never hold your breath either. I hope he makes it for your sake because I know how painful it is to be the mother of an addict.

Keep going to your meetings and focus on your own recovery.

Itís up to him now, so let him go. I hope it works out.

Take care.
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Treatment might lessen his legal consequences, but he needs to understand that he still has to deal with them when he gets out. Hopefully this last time will have served as his wake up call. In the meantime, you might look into Al-Anon for yourself - you need taken care of too.
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Hope is a wonderful thing...expectations are where we get ourselves hurt the most.

Hope for the best for your son...hope that this time he will make it.

But...don't expect it. Don't lay all your happiness and peace at the feet of his behavior. I know for me, that is what hurt me over and over with my stepson.

Hang in there!!
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I think there is always hope but as mentioned above hope and expectations are very different things. What you and I would think is rock bottom may just be a minor hurdle or a temporary inconvenience on the path of his addiction. I think keeping your expectations low at this point is wise. In time, more will be revealed.

Take advantage of this break of worry for you. He is where he needs to be, safe and being looked after by professionals. Now is the time for you to do the same, take care of you.
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