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Demon Hit List

MG, I came across some very interesting information and in co-incides with the spiritual weapon you asked about so i thought I'd post it here and see what you think!

Roget's Thesaurus is a unique dictionary catalg of synonyms arranged in topical form. Because demons tend to "cluster" in family groupings, the thesaurus can be amazingly helpful instrument to identify demons within a specific category. Commonly spirits in related "family" groups are under a ruler. In deliverance, the gift of discernment can zero in on a particular spirit. Often the Holy Spirit will give one the ruler's name. When this spirit is forced to manifest himself, his name, located in the thesaurus, becomes a tool to uncover his dupportive network of demons. This will expedite deliverance and assure a clean sweep of that particular group.
For example, if a spirit of selfishness was discerned and forced to manifest itself, reference to the thesaurus reveals his cohorts: Calculation, Self-Centeredness, Egotism, Introversion, Narcissist, Stinginess, and Pride. To dig deeper, each of these names can also be looked up to secure a more complete identification of various character deficiencies and spiritual reinforcemernts that might be present.

Since identifying and uncovering demons by name is so important in deliverance, the idea to write a deliverance thesaurus is well overdue. Demons congregate in "groupings," and knowing how they link up is invaluable to the deliverance worker. This thesaurus will help the worker to identify the names of different spirits, and also group spirits together that tend to "cluster" within people seeking deliverance. It will also be a handy reference book that the deliverance worker can refer to from time to time that will hopefully be a storehouse of information that will help destroy the works of the Devil.
The names listed will not only be synonyms of the most common spirits that tend to group with them, and other information that will be helpful insetting a person free in a particular area. Names are important because they help us to identify theEnemy. Remember that Satan is a "ruler of darkness" (See Ephesians 6:12) and does not like to be exposed. He and his cohorts work best when they are able to operate in obscurity and darkness. When light and identification come (often through a name), their authority is broken and their work destroyed.

What's in a name?

And he asked him, What is thy name? And he answered, saying, My name is Legion: for we are many. Mark 5:9

Some argue that we don't need to know the specific names of demons.After all, what's in a name? A name is a word or phrase that designates a person. Remember that when we are dealing with demons, we are dealing with personalities, not things. Names are what we use to identify persons. If someone shouts in a crowd, "HEy You! Come here!" you wouldn't know which "you" the person was calling. But if someone shouts your name in a crowd, there would be an immediate response.
Therefore, names are used to identify us for the rest of our lives. You will answer to that name thousands of times throughout life. On the other hand, to be nameless means to be obscure or undistinguished. It means to be anonymous---that is, not recognized. Demons don't want you to recognize them. They want to be anonymous. Even though they have names, they would rather you not know it.
It is helpful sometimes to know the exact names of spirits you are dealing with, to destroy any excuse the demons have to stay. Sometimes demons try to use the excuse that their exact name was not called.
Mark 5:9 gives us a key revelation in dealing with the Enemy. Jesus commanded the spirit to identify itself by name. Once the Enemy identified himself, Jesus cast him out. This is the power of identification. Identifying theEnemy is a key to casting him out. The more believers can identify the Enemy by name, the more successful they will be in driving the Enemy out.
The name of Jesus is the name given above every name (Philippians 2:9). His name, therefore, gives us authority over every demon name. The names found in this thesaurus are all subject to the name of Jesus. Again, the emphasis is name------the name of Jesus versus the name of demons. Thank god for the name of Jesus, the name above every name.
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I find this subject extreemly intresting and would like to see this Thesaurus. I have read many books on the subject of deliverance. One that really helped me a lot is "The Bondage Breaker" by-Neil Anderson. I heard people say they think he is a hoot or something all I know is that the book has a step by step guide and when I did it my life cleared up so much. I was truely gratefull to find it when I did cause I feel like it put me on the right track with the Lord Jesus and my life is just so much freer now.PTL!!
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Hi Pernell,

It's so good to see you. I missed you.

The information is very interesting.

Remember that Satan is a "ruler of darkness" (See Ephesians 6:12) and does not like to be exposed. He and his cohorts work best when they are able to operate in obscurity and darkness. When light and identification come (often through a name), their authority is broken and their work destroyed.
This truth is the key to it all. With light comes freedom. I can look at my life and if there is something I'm in bondage too I know it's because it's still hiding in the darkness. I've had light instantly free me in the past.

I am not in a place in my walk yet to be an instrument of deliverance. I'm afraid I would be one of those who tried and would get beat up like the story in the bible. I have witnessed this kind of deliverance in my own life though and in my daughter's life. I know it's true. For some reason the light I've seen doesn't go past me to others. I know that they received authority in the bible and I know that we have this authority in our position, but I haven't seen it yet in my conditional walk. God has spoken these truths to me and I believe what I've heard with all my heart, but I don't have the light yet so I can see it.

Each year at Pentecost I remind myself of the promises that God has given me and my heart yearns for more of him. He is the light.

I thank God for you Pernell.

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Demon Hit List

MG I was awaiting your reply. I am glad that you approve of this information. As time goes by I will post the "Thesaurus Listing" an explain as best I can, here is the first installment;


Destruction, destroyer; a place of destruction; the depths of hell. Works with spirits of death, hell, and the grave (Hades).

Rejection, forsaken, "grieved in spirit"
(Isaiah 54:6)), deserted, cast away, cast aside, neglect, orphan, hurt, deep hurt, widow, orphan, unloved, outcast, unwanted, loneliness, isolation,. Operates in widows, orphans, and adopted children, making them feel abandoned by loved ones.

Stomach, belly, gut, Serpentine spirits of lust and scorpion spirits of fear can lodge and operate in the stomach and lower abdomen. We sometimes lay hands on the stomach area and command them to manifest themselves and come out.

Bizarre, deviant, strange, weird, unatural, uncommon, odd, unusual, irregular. (When demons are in operation, the result will be abnormalities; things that cannot be explained naturally are often demonic.)

There are about twenty more in the "A" category but I will be back to continue as I have been. If you want this information, You can go to the "Jesus" store and get "Demon Hit List."
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Thanks Pernell .... this is a real eye opener... This is analogous to a process I was taught for using the dictionary along with the bible to confirm meditations.
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This is extremely interesting. Enjoyed reading this. While I don't believe that most things that can't be explained naturally are demonic, in my experience they can be 'holy' holy spirit, angels, whatever you wish to identify it with. I am a strong believer that more than our 5 senses are available to us to experience our life. For instance the feeding of the loaves and fishes, no 'natural' or scientific answers to that...a miracle is unexplainable 'naturally'. This is very informative and interesting though, will be checking in to read more! Thanks Pernell....
Many Hugs and Hope too,

"Think of all the beauty still left around you and BE HAPPY." ~Anne Frank~

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Wow... You are the first person that I have been able to find that knows about this subject. Your post is almost word for word what I have been dealing with for many years now. About 15 years ago I called him out from a dark fog. I had this feeling that I was being followed, (at times even chased) by this darkness. No matter if I was asleep or awake. The dark presence was always there just beyond my ability so see him. I threw myself in to even deeper prayer and meditation trying to access an even deeper power within myself. I knew a serious (a fight for my life) battle was coming close against this dark force. In a deep sleep that night a voice from the darkness that was chasing me, told me that on the fourth night I would loose the battle with him. He was going to kill me and i was powerless to stop him. Then he laughed this evil chuckle. it was as real as if i were wide wake.
I talked to a couple of close members at my group in Houston. Only one person took me serious. I was desperate and had no idea what I needed to do. Or if there was anything I could do. I didn't sleep that next night. Afraid if I fell asleep it would be over for me.
So the next night when I did fall asleep...
There he was just out of my sight. In what I would call a rolling dark fog. Only about 10 feet behind me. I could feel him, hear him, but couldn't see him. I stopped abruptly in my tracks. I turned around to face the fog, and planted my feet. Then commanded him in a stern voice to step out of the fog in the name of Jesus Christ, the Father, Son, and The Holy Ghost. Making the sign of the cross in the air with my hand. Slowly I could see a figure moving towards me from inside the fog. Once I could see his body outline, I then ordered him to identify himself Again using Christs Holy name.
Out of the fog come came a midget of a man. His cloths were so old that they looked like they might crumble. He had an awful smell and I asked him why was after me.? He explained. that he was the demon of alcoholism. After about a month his name ls ft me.
I know he is there lurking. If I can find his name again I could keep him at bay.
So if you know who he is, please help me find out. Thanks to all for any help. I'm even fighting this very minute, and I'm beyond weary.
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